Midgewater marshesJust east of Bree-land, a basin in the Eriadoran upland collects much of the rainwater drainage from the southern part of the Weather_Hills. It has no river outlet, and its waters drain underground westward to the Baranduin. The higher western side of the basin harbors the Chetwood, a steady source of wood and game for the folk of Bree, Nestled between the forest and the Weather Hills on the eastern side of the basin lies an oozing, boot-sucking swampland, the foggy Midgewater Marshes. Deer, wild cattle, and sheep dwell amidst the usual array of creatures
at home in the slimy muck and fetid waters of a marsh.

Snakes, turtles, frogs, fish, muskrats, raccoons, and the like flourish in the fens, as does a maddening army of incessant nocturnal squeakers, the insects called neekerbreekers.

Their harsh, crazed, cricket-like cry—"neek-breek, breek-neek"—makes sleep difficult for those not accustomed to the sheer intensity of life in the swamps. Hungry biting flies, pesky midges, and ferocious, large winged insects called dumbledoors are also frequent in the midgewarer, carrying illnesses to which only the Breelander marshmen have any immunity. Gallows-weed drapes
the trees like aged moss; rumors also tell of bloodthirsty phantoms called mewlips and cat-size hummerhorns — savage flying insects of lore who can reduce a man to a bloodless corpse in one brief night.

The marshes are, understandably, not often visited by outsiders, but do serve as an eastern defence for Bree-land.


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