Size: 5-7.5 ft.

The lothrandir – reindeer – is a hardy, gregarious deer with a long, low profile and large antlers. They come in many colors — everything from white to jet black — but most are grey or silver. Unlike those of other deer, the low forward tine of its antlers is branched. Both males and females bear antlers, although those of the female are usually smaller.

Female lothrandiriath move in large herds while males travel in small groups or, in some cases, alone. Wolves and bears prey on weaker individuals, but the lothrandir’s greatest natural enemy is undoubtedly Man. The Lossoth of northwestern Middle-earth and the Urdar of the northeast hunt the graceful creature for its fur, meat, and utility as a beast of burden.

Level: 2
#/Enc: 10-100
Size/Crit: M
Speed: FA/MF
Hits: 90
Armor Type: No/3
Def. Bonus: 20
Attack 1: 40 MHo
Attack 2: 35 MTS
Attack 3: -
Notes: Normal. Hardy, gregarious deer.


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