Lebennin was a region and fiefdom in southern Gondor.

Known as Fair Lebennin of the Five Streams, referring to the Five Rivers of Lebennin, it was one of the faithful fiefs of Gondor. Its largest city was Pelargir. Linhir was another town or city in Lebennin. It was a province of Gondor. A wide green land that laid between the rivers Gilrain and Anduin. and the lower reaches of Erui. The Anduin delta lay to the South and the White Mountains lay to the North. Pelargir was it’s chief city.

Lebennin was largely populated by Men of mixed blood, as many Men of Lebennin traced their ancestry to the forgotten ‘Men of the Mountains’ that had been displaced from the White Mountains by the NĂºmenĂ³reans.

During the War of the Ring, Lebennin did not send many Men to the aid of Minas Tirith as it was under attack by the Corsairs of Umbar. Lebennin was rescued by Aragorn and the Dead Men of the Mountains.


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