Trolls are horrific enough, but Ettens were even worse, at least in appearance, for they possess not one but two long heads, mounted side-by-side on their wide shoulders. In every other way, Ettens resemble their cousins the Hill-trolls, being of comparable height and build and similar colouring. Something in their eyes and bearing, however, makes these two-headed creatures less frightening, for their eyes are dreamy rather than squinting, and their demeanour is less savage and more thoughtful.

Ettens are found almost exclusively in the Ettenmoors, the Troll-fells north of Rivendell.

Ettens are solitary creatures, if that can ever be said of a being with two minds of two separate personalities. Ettens are wanderers, rarely staying in one place for long. They shun other Trolls, preferring their own company and the quiet of the wilderness.

Ettens are extremely alert, able to look in two directions at once and to formulate plans even while taking other actions. However, Ettens are also easily distracted and given to fighting with themselves for supremacy over their body. This makes them less dangerous, as a clever traveller can provoke the creature to argue with itself, then flee while the Etten is distracted.
In general, Ettens are not as violent as their brethren. They kill only for food or in self-defence, never for sport. They are more reflective in nature and delight in pondering their surroundings. In this way, Ettens can also prove useful, for they often have great stores of knowledge about their environment, if only one can pry that information loose and still depart safely.


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