The empty moors and Troll country north of Rivendell

Other names: the troll-fells, the Coldfells, the Ettendales

Average Hilltop Elevation: 1,900-2,300 feet
Area: 7,500 square miles

These Troll-infested and partly wooded hills north of Rivendell in Rhudaur lie north of the Hoarwell. These are cold lands, far to the north of Rivendell, and little known to any but the Trolls that inhabited them. Their geography is uncertain – all that is known for sure is that they lay to the north of Rivendell. Aragorn’s grandfather Arador had ventured into these hills and dales, but he was captured and killed by the Trolls that lurked there.

According to folklore the region is named after the Ettens, horrible troll-like giants, and it may be that this land was originally a home to that race. If there ever were Giants in these moors, though, they have apparently left by the later Third Age: at this time, the Ettenmoors are exclusively associated with Trolls.

These wild, untamed lands that lay was where the Witch-king fled after his defeat in the Battle of Fornost.


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