Bragol's Goals

Minor goals

*Uncover the traitor
Bragol is a trained spy and agent, he knows the true value of information. He also knows hwo damaging a double agent can be. So on both orders and personal conviction he is working on uncovering who the traitor within the rangers is. He fears that it might well indeed be one of his companions, namely Salabon. There are some pieces of inforamtion that suggests this, and clearly aspects of Salabons actions are cause for worry, but not all the pieces fit and there is no definitive proof. That there are one or more who are working for the other side is clear however, and Bragol is actively devising traps in order to reveal the guilty.

*Find the enemy agents.
During his activities Bragol has learned that there is an enemy agent operating in the area. Bragol knows his family name, but little else. He also knows that a second member of this family is currently operating in the region. Could one of these two be the traitor, or are they other agents of the dark lord? The family name points toward a numenorean connection, so does intel gathered in the field. Finding these two agent is an important task to Bragol, not only because they are a danger to the good people of middle earth, but also because he knows they can learn a lot about their enemies activities.

*Find the lost palantir
Bragol has learned that the rangers and the elves are searching for the lost palantirs. Understanding the importance these stones could have and the immense value, and potential threat they could pose, he is convinced finding them is important. That is, if they can be found. It is surely a daunting task, with little information to go on. It will not be easy.

*Keep the lost palantirs safe.
Bragol is firmly set on keeping the lost palantirs out of the hands of the enemy. He understands how dangerous it would be should they fall into the hands of the dark lord. Bragol is convinced that everything that can be done, must be done to achieve this. Even if it might mean ensuring the stones will never be found.

*Aid the people of middle earth
Bragol has a deep sense of responsibility to help the good people of the world. He feels that his people with the all their knowledge, abilities and also life span, has a special duty to protect the creation of Ainur. All that is threatened by the dark lord, must be protected. This is a trait that he owes both to his mothers influence, but also from his curiosity about a world he until recently only knew from books and stories. This goal is achieved every time a large threat is vanquished, the enemies’ plans destroyed or he contributes to the bettering of peoples lives.

*Serve Imladris
Rivendell is Bragog’s home, its the home of his people and it gave safety to his mother in her time of need. More than that its a beacon of hope and light in a dark world. Its safety is paramount. This means more than just protecting it, as an agent of Rivendell he must actively aid and work for Imladris. This includes helping the rangers. He does this by carrying out his orders, by acting on information he disovers concerning Rivendell and by aiding the rangers (whether they ask for it or not).

*Develop a greater understanding of magic
Bragol understands the dangers of magic and why it requires one to be careful and patient. But he is convinced that it represents an important aid in winning the battle against the dark enemy, not the least because his agents are so readily willing to utilize it. This includes more than just learning new spells or spell lists, but also learning about magical items and artifacts, how they work and the dangers they pose. Bragol recently suffered a strong reminder of how powerful and dangerous magic can be, and this has strengthened his resolve to both learn and master more in these fields. For though it is dangerous, it is too important to just lock away and forget. Instead it must be understood, analysed and if it is safe used. If not, it most be protected or destroyed:
- Uncover magic lore
- Find new spells
- Find and identify magical artifacts

*Develop Mabs as a contact.
Bragol succeeded in recruiting a capable and potentially important asset, a rouge going under the name of Mabs. So far he has not had time to formalise her role or to put her to use. He needs to find a way not only to utilize her in the best possible manner, but also to ensure that she will work for him in the future. She is a strong willed and passionate woman, with a daring and carefree nature, that can prove a challenge. In addition to this Bragol finds her extremely charming and cannot deny his attraction to her, despite practically knowing nothing about her. It is difficult for him to tackle this challenge, because he is completley inexperienced in this manner. He received some training in the art of seduction, but knows little about how to reconcile such feelings towards a person he should be using as an asset. It worries him, and he is resolved to avoid the matter, but it is unlikely that this is the best course of action.

*Learn more about the history of Eriador
Bragol seeks to learn more about Eriador, not only because of his curiosity about the region he calls home. But also because he is convinced that it will aid in the fight agains the enemy. This includes learning more about the different people that live or has lived there, by uncover information about lost treaures and artifacts, abanonded settlements or fortifications, creatures and monsters.

*Learn more about Númenor and númenóreans
To find the truth about the agents he believes to be númenóreans, he must learn their history. Uncover what happened to the people after the fall, where they went, what they did. He must also learn about their culture, so he can understand and recognise them.

  • Recruit more assets.
    Bragol knows the value of information and an important way to gather information is through the use of assets. Whether they are friendly contacts, paid informants, reluctant individuals or allies, friends, neutral or hostile, Bragol needs more of them.

Major goals

*Develop a large network of assets
Bragol is convinced that to be an effective agent of Rivendel and to defeat the enemy, he must develop as many assets as he can. This must be an organised network, that he can use to further his goal of serving Rivendell and of aiding the rangers. Such a network of assets must include; agents that can carry out operations; contacts that can provide information, equipment or safe houses; soldiers that can be callen on to carry out armed operations.

*Keep Eriador safe
This might be an impossible task, but one that Bragol will fight for all he can. Even if the enemy is defeated, there would still be other dangers out there.

Bragol's Goals

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