Tag: River


  • Mitheithel

    The Hoarwell is a 480 miles long river, rising from the north of the Misty Mountains, about a hundred miles from [[Rivendell]], passing through the [[Ettenmoors]] and the [[Trollshaws]]. After passing beneath the [[Last Bridge]] on the [[Great East Road | …

  • Gwathlo

    Gwathló (S. "Shadowy River", from "Gwathir"); Greyflood; Ad. "Agathurush" The greatest river of Cardolan is formed by the confluence of the [[Mitheithel]] and the [[Glanduin]]. The Gwathló flows into the [[Belegaer]] near the Númenórean ruins at [[Lond …

  • Bruinen

    (Elvish "Noisy Water"); W. "Loudwater" Length: 315 miles The Bruinen drains the western [[Misty Mountains]], rising on the western slopes of and joining with the [[Mitheithel | Hoarwell]] north of Tharbad to form the [[Gwathlo | Greyflood]]. A …

  • Baranduin

    Names: (S. "golden-brown river"; Os. "Baranduil"); Branda-nîn (Kud. "border water"; (Brandywine) The Baranduin was the eastern border of the territory administered and protected by [[Lindon]] for most of the Second Age, and as a result has buried in …

  • Sirannon

    Type: River Names: Gate Stream Location: Eregion, Eriador, Northwestern Lands Description Length: 120 miles The Sirannon runs from the West-gate of [[Moria]] to meet the [[Glanduin]] by the ruins of [[Ost-in-Edhil]].

  • Glanduin

    Length: 125 miles The Glanduin flows west from its source in the [[Misty Mountains]] to join up with the [[Gwathló]] in a marshy delta ([[Swanfleet]]) a few miles north of Tharbad. The [[Sirannon]] is the main tributary of the Glanduin.

  • Isen

    The source of the river was in the southern Misty Mountains, first flowing south through Nan Curunír and across the Gap of Rohan to the edge of the White Mountains, where it abruptly bent west and ran to the sea of Belegaer. At a distance of about 50 lári …

  • River Lhûn

    A river of northern Lindon emptying through a long firth6 into the Gulf of Lune, which breaks through the line of the Blue Mountains, and thence into Belegaer. The maps show three tributaries: two of them (including the Little Lune) arising in the …

  • Celebril

    Celebril The “Silver-Brilliance” (Sindarin) is named for its shimmering beauty. It is used in the logging industry of Culwic, and meets the Malhir directly east of Culwic, running all the way to the [[River Lhûn | River Lhûn]] .

  • Anduin

    Anduin (S. Long River) The Anduin starts as two different streams near where the Misty Mountains meet the Grey. Named the Langwell and the Greylin by the Eothéod when they lived in the triangle of land formed by it, join together and form the longest …

  • Morgulduin

    Morgulduin is an ice-cold stream that flows out of the Morgul Vale and into the [[Anduin | Anduin]]. It is said to be polluted and the Rangers of Ithilien give warnings not to drink from it.