NPC Thurgolodh

Sindarin Magent Lvl. 20


Thurgolodh is the elf in charge of gathering intelligence for Rivendell, his official title master of information. He is sometimes called Arthirheru (Spymaster) by those in the know, though few would do so to his face. He oversees and organizes the agents of Rivendell. He works closely with the scouts and warriors that protect the borders of the haven, and also with the rangers.

He reports to Erestor, Elrond’s chief counsellor. The two do not always see eye to eye, but Erestor trusts Thurgolodh and is confident in his abilities.

Thurgolodh is not only Bragols chief and handler, he also knew both his father and mother (Adûninzil). He handled information collected by Adûninzil, and it was later when Bragol was borned that on her behest he began training Bragol to become an agent of Rivendell. It was also due to her insistance that he oversaw, though reluctantly, the training of Bragol in the arts of magic.

He was born in the year 40TA in Rivendell. When the shadow crept back into the world, Thurgolodh began travelling extensively for Rivendell. In his journies he collected information, stories, made contacts and reported back to Rivendell. He continued his journies after the fall of Arnor and the closing of Moria.

But after a lucky escape from an ambush in in the year 2458, he begins to spend more and more time in Rivendell. During this time he spends much time teaching and training other elves and dunedain rangers, sharing his knowledge and techniques.

After the White Council is reformed in 2463, Rivendell decides to offisially organizes an order of elves who retasked with collecting and analyzing information pertinent to the havens survival. From now on this would be done in an organised and structured way.

The leader of this order was killed in the same ambush at the Redhorn pass in which Celebrian was captured by orcs. A year later in 2510 Thurgolodh was trusted with the charge of leading the order.

He is a sindarin elf with fair hair, light blue eyes and light skin. 6’5’’ tall and 170 pounds.

NPC Thurgolodh

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