Barhador, The Huntsman

Dúnadan Ranger, based out of Emyn Uial


The Huntsman

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Lvl 10
Race: Dúnadan
Profession: Outrider
Training Packages: Hunter,
Animal Friend, Spy
Realm: Channeling
Appearance: 100
Sex: M
Hair Brown Eyes Brown
Apparent Age: 31 Actual Age: 31
(Date of Birth: 2986)
Height: 6’4" Weight: 180 lbs.
Parents: Tauron and Minuiel
Nationality: Arthadan
Allegiance: Rangers of the North
Home Town: Nirmolian
Deity: Oromë

Mêlèe OB
Missile OB
Mov M


Feredir is easy-going, positive and adventurous. He is given to great bouts of mirth and deep sorrows like so many of his people, but as a rule he tries to find the positive in every situation and circumstance, and one of his strongest personality traits is trying to turn every sticky situation into an advantage. He is also very righteous, but generally turns to brooding instead of losing his temper. He has very high standards of himself and of righteousness, and expect those around him to live up to the same standards – especially Salabon, whom he sees as an equal. He believes in letting everyone have a chance to do the right thing, and believes that fighting evil is the greatest calling there is.

Talents & Flaws

25 Animal Tongue (homebrew) – As a trueborn Dúnadan, Feredir has the abiltiy through heritage to communicate with birds and beasts.
15 Directed Weapons master – The Broadsword (Longsword) skill is classified as Occupational, others in same category are classified as Everyman
7 Gymnastic Training – Training with the Elves is reflected in +25 to Athletic*Gymnastics Category and Adrenal Balance
7 Herbalist – Feredir lived and learned among the Elves of Rivendell as a young boy. They taught him the secrets of herbs and herbalism. This is reflected as +20 bonus to Cooking, Foraging, Use Prepare Herbs, Prepare Herbs, Poison Lore and Herb Lore.
12 Outdoorsman – As a trained Ranger since his childhood, Feredir has a +50 bonus to Foraging, fire starting and shelter location, and +20 to Track, Hunt, Stalk and Hide.
10 Manual Deftness
10 Combat Reflexes
– Feredir is wiry and quick on his feet, a trait he has attained from having to live on his toes in his rough training conditions. This is reflected in +10 to Subterfuge*Stealth, +1 to initiative (Manual Deftness) and +5 to DB and OB, and an extra Initiative die (select two) (10 Combat Reflexes)
7 Reverbative Strength – Feredir is a High Man. When he strikes, it is felt. Feredir deals an additional Unbalancing Critical of two levels less severity for every melee attack.
10 Stat Bonus Minor (Qu)
10 Stat Bonus Minor (Ag)

-5 Code of Honor – Ranger’s Code

  • Courage and obedience to the Rangers.
  • Defense of any mission unto death.
  • Respect for all peers and equals; courtesy to all lessers.
  • Protect the Free People of Eriador.
  • Protect the Line of Isildur above all else
  • Hunt the Enemy wherever it manifests.
  • Help those who need help
  • Punish those that harm or threaten innocents.

-10 Intolerance – Orcs: Feredir’s father, Tauron, left his son with a deepseated hatred for Orcs. This stems mainly from the death of Feredir’s mother at Orcish hands, but, as importantly, from their function as the footsoldiers of the Enemy.
-15 Sense of Duty – Feredir is extremely concerned by doing the Right Thing. Thus, he would never knowingly cheat or steal from someone who isn’t evil. He gets great bouts of depression if he does wrong to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Feredir is usually loathe of deception, and will only do so if a mission or circumstance requires it; as an Outrider he will stoop to stealth and subterfuge as a necessity, never casually or for enjoyment.
-5 Stubborn – Feredir is hard to sway!
-15 Duty (75% of being summoned) Feredir belongs to the Rangers of the North. Not only is it likely he will be summoned by his peers (though the Rangers range far and wide, so summons are not expected to be followed up immediately), but more pressing he follows the Ranger’s Code (see above), and as such is compelled to fight evil and help those in need wherever he goes.
-20 Rival – Agarwaen (see Backstory).


S.: “Huntsman”

Son of Tauron (“forester”)
Lvl 8 Outrider

Ancient History

In Wild Eriador lay Nirmolian, the village charmingly nestled between rolling hills and brush-like woodlands, housing remnants of that Great People of the West, the Dúnedain, heirs of Elendil and descendants and protectors of the line of Isildur. Tall, were they, enchanting in visage and of airs, with stout hearts, prone to great bouts of mirth, and devastating sorrows, for theirs was not only a history of greatness, but also of blood, betrayal, exodus and reserve stretching back thousands of years, since before the founding of the Great Realms of Arnor and Gondor, to the Fall of Númenor itself.
Here lived Tauron of the Grey Company, a stalwarth and honest Ranger, among those tasked with protecting the Line of Isildur and the lands of Eriador from the Enemy. Unto Tauron his wife Menuiel begot a son, and they named him Barhador, although his name whispered in the tiny hamlets and remote homesteads through Arthedain would be Feredir – The Hunter, for ever would he be stalking evil and protecting the helpless.

But before this, years before, Tauron left Nirmolian to its relevant peace to go abroad with Aragorn son of Arathorn, the Heir of Isildur, whom he had sworn to protect. He bid farwell to his wife and young son, but the youngster would not suffer his father’s leave: indeed, he bore upon his father to let join him, to see fabled Imladris, and to know the wilds with his father and the Rangers. In Tauron’s great companion, Isig, his life-friend from humble upbringings, there was a mighty protest – the child was surely to young for the Ranger’s Road? There were words, and ultimately Aragorn would intercede, consining Isig to the protection of Nirmolian, while the boy Barhador would be allowed to Range. Isig would bow to the wisdom of Aragorn, but secretly he would resent Tauron for endangering his son. Barhador would revere Aragorn from that day, looking to him as an idol for all the good of the Rangers.

In Imladris

Rivendell was all that Barhador could wish to behold and more – but his first visit to this glorious haven would be cut short, as a bedraggled messenger appeared with tidings from Arthedain: Nirmolian had fallen, sacked by Orcs. Barhador was left in custody of the Elves while Tauron fled. Weeks would pass without word of either his mother or father, until Isig appeared, weathered and ragged, with a hollowness to his gaze and paleness to his pallor. He would not speak with Barhador, nor even look at him, and withdrew himself to parts of the Elven stronghold where Barhador could not go. The Elves doted on him, assuring him that all would be fine; his mother and father would soon repair to Imladris, to claim him, and begin rebuilding the community. They would take him into the forests and teach him the ways of Silvan Elves, showing him the lore of herbs and how to forage for them, how to stalk a deer or a rabbit so you could actually touch it, and a great many other things. Tauron did eventually repair, but it was not the same man who had left Rivendell months before. No, it was a harder, colder man, with a fierce cast to his eyes, and a quick temper. He never laid hands on Barhador, but then he never had to. Barhador would never learn the whole of the events that changed two men and left so many others dead – for many years. He was only told that his mother had passed away, and knew Orcs were responsible; no more. Barhador would Range with his father, seldom leaving his side, and learning his trade in the field, perfecting the skills taught to him by the Elves. He inherited from his father a deepseated hatred for Orcs, but also a very strong Code of Honour – the Ranger’s Code. This he was taught to live by, and this he vowed to uphold. He was also taught to distrust magic, and only ever trust in his inherent skills. Thus it was that Barhador never learned magic, even among the Elves.

He would not join his father in every mission, however, ere he would have been present when Tauron died, at the hands of Orcs in an ambush that claimed many a good Ranger. Barhador mourned, and expected to be taken in by Isig, being surprised when he instead was taken in by the gruff and grizzled Helvorn. Under Helvorn’s tutelage Feredir began his apprenticeship.

Apprentice Ranger

As an apprentice to the Rangers Barhador spent many days among the Elves, being schooled in the woodland arts, as well as the martial laws that govern a great fighter. He would Range far and wide with his mentor, Helvorn, but many of his days saw him paired another apprentice, the slightly older Agarwaen, whose legacy from the great noble houses of Arthedain was written on his face. Agarwaen would sneer at the younger boy, disdaining his presence, and never acknowledge his results, although it was plain to their tutors that Barhador – already known as Feredir by now – was by far the better Ranger. What he lacked was Agarwaens eloquence and presence – he was truly a born leader, and with his many connections he was often allowed to forego the hardest of the trials on grounds of being destined for leadership. Feredir did not dwell overmuch on these tribulations, nor did he hover and gloat when his skills proved greater than the older boy’s. Agarwaen knew of Feredir’s respite with the Elves at a younger age, and resented him for it, believing him to have the greater advantage. Helvorn would praise Feredir, while Agarwaen’s own mentor would scowl at him, earning Feredir further animosity from his rival.

Many of their trials involved solitary Ranging, and it was thus that Feredir would encounter Caitlin, a frisky valley girl from the Lone Lands, where she kept a small farm for her father, a forester with the Rangers. Though no intentions were spoken, there were feelings between the two, and an unsaid understanding, that when they came of age they would marry. Many a night would Feredir steal away from Rivendell – oblivious to the fact that the Elves knew ever so well – to hold Caitlin’s hand, whisper sweet words in her ear, or braid a wildflower into her hair while reciting its nature and uses. The Elves knew – and so did Agarwaen.

The Ranging

The years passed in training and tutelage, and Feredir was to come of age. With no particular ritual surviving from ages when ceremony would have been more necessary, a new Ranger would simply take his place among his brethren. Helvorn all but promised him to take over the cottage outside Bree, where he would be given the task of patrolling Bree-land, Feredir’s most familiar region. That would not come to pass. Feredir was accosted on his way to Caitlin, by Agarwaen and several of his cronies, who dragged him before the Ranger’s Council, claiming to have evidence that he not only trampled about the Lone Lands giving anyone the opportuniyu to follow into Rivendell, but that he also shared secrets with an outsider, whom Agarwaen would only be so willing to produce, along with the secrets shared. Helvorn held that charges were proposterous, the situation tenous and unorthodox, but it was too late: the charming Agarwaen had maybe not convinced Helvorn of any guilt, but he had made several of the other Rangers dubious. And thus it came to be that Agarwaen could show how in past times potential Rangers would have been required to prove themselves to a Far Ranging, learning the entire region with no assistance or help from others. This was deemed fair, even Helvorn would agree, and Feredir was sent on such a mission. Truthfully, he did not mind it: he was tired of the Games of Men, irritated that the Elves would not interfere, and relished the idea of scouring the Wilderlands and perfecting his trade. If there was any disappointment in Helvorn not supporting him stronger, he did not show it, but in truth it was Isig not speaking up for him that hurt the most.

Secret Mission

Feredir Ranged far, living alone in the wilds for many months. He aquired several new friends – the wolf cub Grey Cloak, the weasel Swift Jaws, and the owl Nighteyes. These became his only companions.

One day a mysterious man strode into the clearing where Feredir had made his most recent temporary abode. He gave no name, but was garbed as a Ranger, and said he came from Rivendell. He charged Feredir with a secret duty: In Deadman’s Dike birds have reported seeing shapes lurking around the collapsed lower levels of the citadel. Feredir must find his way there, and find answers to what is transpiring. While snooping around the ruins he was accosted by and taken prisoner by a band of brigands. Unbeknownst to Feredir, among them was a Hobbit he would later come to know under the name Jack Fleetfoot. From the low murmur of the brigands had gathered that they had been hired to seek out something, but having been badly beaten he was unable to glean exactly what. In his faintness he was vaguely aware of someone rifling through his effects, but he soon discovered that his bonds had been cut. He seized an opportunity to overcome his one guard, and made his way, weary and beaten, from the bandit’s camp. Later, he was sought out by the strange Ranger once more, and told him the tale. The man was not impressed, and left in rage, very unlike a Ranger, but Feredir was still injured, and so was more apprehensive of his wounds. He was also aware of being stalked, or attempted to be stalked, but managed to elude his would-be assassins at every turn, his animal companions leading them astray time and again. Eventually he recovered, but paid no heed to the strange mission and its outcome. It had been a mistake, and he had been played for a fool.

He did not know that it was the Hobbit who had cut his bonds, after sowing a dangerous artefact into the lining of Feredir’s backpack, to prevent it from falling into the hands of the wrong people. However, Jack Fleetfoot will not recognize Feredir upon being reunited with him, having only seen him with a bleeding forehead by firelight. Feredir is also completely unaware of the fact that the bad men who accosted him are still searching for both him and the mysterious artefact – not to mention their former Hobbit accomplice…


Eighteen months later, Feredir would return to find that not only was Agarwaen given the region of Bree-land, but he had come to an understanding with Caitlin, and was to marry her. When he confronted her, she only shrugged, making Feredir realise whe was not at all who he had believed her to be, and left with something akin to disguist.

Brooding and betrayed, he considered joining the Army of Rohan, like his idol Aragorn had done, but Helvorn convinced him to soldier on, and do what was right. Was that not the most important lesson to be inherited from his late father?

Helvorn also told him the truth about what happened in Nirmolian: Isig and his bastion had received words of Orc activity lower in the Downs, and had gone to investigate, when the Orcs struck, killing everyone in the town, including Minuial, a renowned herbalist and animist. Capturing one of the Orcs, Isig learned that the Orcs had been sent by some dark power looking for a source of magic . Isig blamed himself, but was requitted completely by the Council, even by Aragorn himself – and maybe more importantly Tauron. But Tauron would never leave well alone the thought that it was the magic practised by Minuial that brought the Orcs to bear, and would not abide with magic until the day that he died.

Thus it came to pass that Feredir swallowed his pride, and remained in the Bree-lands, with his new animal companions.

The adventure continues…

See Adventure Log.

Feredir’s herbarium

Feredir carries a compact, wooden case he was given when his father died.

Feredir’s Goals

Feredir’s Minor and Major Character Goals.

Barhador, The Huntsman

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