Rangers of the North

S03E06 - Siege at Gundabhund

Wherein our heroes seem trapped by the vicious horde of Orcs on their heels

There is little time; the Companions and Tom prepare for a siege.
As the Horde approaches, Feredir and Idhrhis position themselves at the end of a gauntlet of traps and caltrops, and take out as many enemies as they can before finally being overrun. They bolt through the secret path, as Orcs meet their doom in the gauntlet, and it is in the nick of time they barricade themselves in the old fortress.
The gate holds. Even when the vicious giant arrives, sending reverberations through iron and stone, making even Tom shudder with unease. The Companions use the arrowslits to fell as many foes as they can, finally tallying several scores of dead Orcs, until the giant plug the holes with his fallen comrades. Finally, the giant relents, and the Orcs erect a massive pyre at the gate, with their own fallen as fuel.
Feredir watches from a secret perch outside a chimney as they light the fire, and the main force withdraws, leaving only a small detachment in a make-shift camp.
The Companions have little choice but to await the fire dying, as Tom cannot fit through the chimney, and they make good use of their time by gaining some well-needed rest.
The following day they awake to Tom having wandered off down the tunnels. Feredir and Brolin track him for a while, but it is clear that the giant has found a massive tunnel that seemingly goes on into Lindon past the Ered Luin, and they understand that he has left them.
Meanwhile, Idhrhis and Svendir discover that yet another detatchment has tried to conceal itself further from the make-shift camp. It is obvious that the Orcs are conspiring to let the Company taste their own medicine, and catch them flat-footed in a trap. Idhrhis breaks his usual sombreness with a private chuckle: It will be a dark day indeed if a bunch of cretinous Orcs gets the better of Idhrhis of Lindon!


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