Rangers of the North

S02E18 - Permutations

Wherein our heroes reunite, and are joined by some unlikely new Companions, and plans are made for winter.

In the Autumn of 3011 the Companions all reunite in Cillien. Feredir comes North with two wayward Rohirrim, both of with whom he seems to have some animosity. Jack Fleetfoot comes South by boat, and with him comes Jayelle of the Oak Grove, and Salabon’s sister Lominzli. Eldacar is recovering – though slowly, and Salabon is making good use of the libraries and workshops of the Healer’s Hall. Beoraborn is working with their ward, who names himself Súlkano, and who knows the secrets of Enchanting.

The Companions all agree that the best course is to wait for Spring, and then press north towards Angmar and Colargon’s lair. But Jack brings news of Baran: Minas Brethil are now in the hands of a mysterious Brotherhood – the Order Baran belonged to. Baran has been removed, and is nowhere to be found. Feredir thus vows to infiltrate Minas Brethil and find news of Baran. Jack declares that he will leave the Company again, that he needs to do so alone to find his Redemption. The others protest, but Salabon supports Jack, and as such Feredir does too. When the Ranger accepts it, the others follow suit. Beoraborn says that he has a quest of his own: With the help of Súlkano, he will endeavour to make a set of spears with which to kill Colargon. He will use the remains of the dead Dragon Turkulon to do so. Salabon explains that he believes that Eldacar has withrawn into himself, and that only the sight of his lover, Mabs, with help him out of it. He will therefore go North-West to Bree and collect Mabs before Winter. He will hear no complaining, he explains that this is something he must do. Eadyth, Edmund, Jayelle and Lomiñzli will stay at the House of Healing and care for the invalid, as well as preparing for Winter. Eadyth is not pleased with being left with womanly chores, but agrees out of deference to Feredir.

Thus the Companions part ways yet again, all moving towards their own designs. But those are different tales…


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