Rangers of the North

S02E07A - The White Gauntlet

This spring in The Rangers Of The North

Treadstone awakes to the smell of pipe-weed. It is still night. “Caremnir. Remember? Strict light discipline.”
“Do not worry. They will not be following us for a while. They have other affairs to take care of.”

- – -

Grohl tries to hold on to both the book and the boat as the dingy bounces down the river. He escaped, barely. Now he’s hoping for calmer waters and that the Gruth tribe will be marching for the Angle. Grohl is pretty sure that’s what Ahrm said they would do. The book must be kept safe, else ill will befall him as the white handed man spoke.

- – -

The gavel strikes the table as Faegwin speaks. “It is decided. We must take action agains Lord Sîdoneth. We simply cannot sit still and watch as he lures all our best workers into the woods with sweet words of gold and green land. The winter has been hard, springs flood will soon follow and the forts need repairs after the war. I know, Paetric, that these are your friends, but we simply cannot abide this theft. If you are no longer with us, then you are against us, and we will be forced to take action. It is decided.”

- – -

Dear brother.
This will be the last letter I write before i come north.
I cannot stay here any longer. The shadows keep haunting me, whispering to me. Tales of burning. Tales of darkness. Tales of yearning and utter nonesence. Ill fares the land and I am afraid if I stay, I wll not be me any longer. Meet me in Minas Tirith.
-Love sister

- – -

“He is bleeding out! Do SOMETHING!!!” Mabs, on the brink of hysteria keeps shouting at Wolf’s Bane, who tries to stop the flow of blood coming from Puck’s neck.


:D lukter vi rejunion? :D

S02E07A - The White Gauntlet
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