Rangers of the North

S02E06 - The Witching Hour

In which a band of loyal Orc soldiers find themselves haunted by something far more terrible than themselves

Cameth Brin: The two Men had departed. The Orcs the White Man had ordered to accompany them were left reluctantly guarding the deserted tower on Twisted Hill, far away from any battlefield, and any prospect of the glory the White Man had promised. Among these stood, Grohl of the Urugh√Ęsh, a lowly goblin of no particular repute, but cunning and wily, and able to maintain against his more brutal cousins. Their leader, Urk of the Uruk Uflag, is starting to lose his grip on his power, a power he has maintained by brute force, when the keep is penetrated by an unknown force, striking terror in the otherwise fearsome Orch.

One by one Urk’s warrior falls to the unseen foe, some sort of monstrous form bellowing in the darkened halls, until at last Grohl finds himself in a last stand beside Urk himself, Ganrosh the Ashkai and Ragnok of the Thrakburzum. As Urk and Ganrosh take their stand, Grohl and his only friend Ragnok steal away, and break into the most guarded of places in Cameth Brin, the Secret, unknown sanctum and treasure of the Men. Here they find only sleeping quarters, a treasure chest, and an old book resting on a raised plinth. Desperate, Ragnok attempts to break the lock on the treasure chest, only to be stung by a posion needle, the toxins spreading quickly through his veins.

As Grohl can hear Urk and Ganrosh retreating up the stairs, the attackers on their heels, he does the only thing he can think of to save his life. He steals the book, quickly ties together linens and bedsheets to make a makeshift rope out of the window, picks up his fallen comrade and – - drops him out the window. Then he makes for the ledge outside the door, where he can stand unseen until all have passed.

Within minutes the intruders have Ganrosh within the chambers, and Grohl has stolen away. They attempt to interrogate Urk about where his last men have gone, but he is unable to explain, so they slay him as well.

Meanwhile Grohl slips away and creates as much distance between Cameth Brin and himself as he possible can.

Left behind are Hunter, Beoraborn and Eldacar, with no clues and no leads, and a lot of dead Orcs.


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