Rangers of the North

S02E03 - Deadman's Dike

Wherein our heroes make their way to the infamous ruins of the former capital of Arnor

Hunter, Eldacar and Beoraborn are joined by Mabs, and together they make their way into the treacherous ruins of Fornost Erain. They have just about set foot within the ruins before they take notice of the skeletal undead that stalk its crumbled streets. They are beset by the things while resting, and spends the rest of their stay constantly looking over their shoulders.

Hunter, as the only DĂșnadan among them, is mortified at the state of his people’s once-great citadel. It awakens the sadness so inherent in his people, but that, in turn, makes him only stronger. There is a brother in peril – granted, a slimy, back-stabbing, sanctimonious, and above all, incompetent, brother, but a brother no less, and he must be saved.

But there is also a spark in him that wishes that he could find traces of the glory that was Fornost, and perhaps bring some of that glory back to his brethren. Who knows, maybe it could rekindle some old spark that could help in the oncoming storm?

Meanwhile, Baran makes his way to Fennas DrĂșnin… Why, you might ask? Well, so do we.

There was a message from Fenner Druinen, orcs were observed in the Minas Brethil area, and that the lances had to be sent out to clean up.
A bar of silver was also found on a captured orc.
Baran began investigating a bit, and found that once upon a time there had been a silver mine in the area.

To avoid having to search through the entire Minas Brethil valley and surrounding hills, he traveled to Fenner Druinen to look for information about the mine in the archives there.
There he found out that information about the mine had been removed, most likely stolen, but no traces of tampering. He found an old account still on mine, describing the aproximate whereabouts and a drawing of the entrance of the mine. Rest assured that he would be able to find a silver mine, but worried about what was going to meet him there, Baran traveled
back to Minas Brethil claiming its right to mine.


Hjarandr Hjarandr

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