the rangers

“Lonely men are we, Rangers of the wild, hunters – but hunters ever of the servants of the Enemy; for they are found in many places, not in Mordor only.”
—JRR Tolkien

The year is 14 of the Fourth Age of Middle-Earth, the Age of Men.

The Enemy is broken. His armies scattered or destroyed. Small remnants persevere, waging a futile and desperate war on King Elessar’s newly reunited kingdom.

Eldacar, agent of Imladris, busies himself with hunting down traitors and former agents of the Enemy, meteing out his own justice in the name of the King.

The sage Nestaron has received the King’s gratitude, and now enjoys the favours of the Court, as a valued and trusted advisor, all the knowledge of Minas Tirith at his fingertips.

Beoraborn, last of the Bejibar, has returned home, and gathered all his surviving kin, to rebuild the tribe. He is now the last Chief of the Beornings. But it is with knitted brow and troubled soul he rules, his heart yearning for one last adventure and to undo one, final wrong.

Baran Thalion has reclaimed his ancestral home, Minas Daldor, has broken the Brotherhood, and is now its new master. With ample coin and men at his disposal he has become among the most noteworthy feudal lords of Lebennin.

Eadyth of the Rohirrim lies on her death bed after a long life of favour as one of few women to earn the respect of every man in Rohan. For her remaining years she has served in the Privy Council. Now, she has only one last duty to perform before leaving this world.

Barhador, the Ranger known only as Feredir, the Huntsman, has disappeared. His name has passed into legend, whispered from Rohan to the Shire, a dark, avenging spirit striking at the hearts of evil from the shadows in the wild.

And Jack Fleetfoot, among the bravest Hobbits of the Third Age, stirs in his slumber beneath a mountain…

These are tales from the Rangers of the North.


Rangers of the North

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