Timeline Rangers of The North

Feredir born.
Feredir starts his ranger initiation.
Feredir and Jack Fleetfoot meet for the first time.
Feredir and Salabon meets for the first time and become friends.
Baran leaves Minas Daldor to seek fame and fortune.
Feredir finishes his ranger initiation and gets his first quest.
Bragol leaves Imladris
Bragol and Baran meets Feredir and Salabon fighting orcs in the shadow of Weathertop. Start of Rangers of The North season 1.
The fellowship goes undercover to disperse of the bandits in Chetwood.
The bandits and the fellowship raids a goblin fortress in the Midgewater Marshes, naming the bandits heroes and free men.
Feredir fights Beoraborn at the thanksgiving festival in Bree, and gains a new friend.
Bragol meets Mabs just outside Tharbad.
The fellowship rescues Jack Fleetfoot from Wargs and gains a Hobbit.
The fellowship meets Jayelle
The fellowship hears of the white hand for the first time during the battles in The Angle.
Jack is named Hero and Beoraborn almost looses an eye.
The fellowship finds the old castle Minas Brethil and roots out agents of The Enemy from the castle.
The Fellowship learns of an agent of the enemy posing as a ranger.
Salabon reveals his past as a Black Numenorian.
Season 1 ends.
Season 2 starts.
The felloship is broken.
Baran takes control of Minas Brethis
Jack and Beoraborn stays in Minas Brethil
Feredir ranges around Bree, picking up Agarwaen’s shoddy work.
Salabon travels to Minas Tirith and meets Adamar The Easterling.
Bragol travels to Bree.
Bragol and Feredir meets Tom the Giant.
Beoraborn travels to Bree.
Bragol meets up with Mabs, his agent in Bree.
Feredirs party sets out to follow and find Agarwaen and the false ranger.
Baran and Jack finds a silver mine filled with orcs and tries to capture it loosing many Red Lances soldiers ang gets Jack tortured in the process.
Red Lances leaves Minas Brethil
Salabon befriends Saruman
Feredirs party meets Isig and Puck just south of Dead Mans Dike
Salabon meets his sister in Minas Tirith.
Jack is seduced by an evil anvil and starts a path towards darkness.
Baran looses his grip on Minas Brethil.
Isig, Mabs and Puck is captured by white hand brigands. Puck is killed. The others rescued.
Feredirs party follows Agarwaen and the false ranger towards Tharbad, stopping by Minas Brethil.

Summer The fellowship is reunited and travels towards Tharbad.
Jack almost killed by river crocodiles, saved by Salabon and Feredir.
Finds false ranger and a small army in Tharbad, Jack falling further towards darkness.
Discoveres libriary of Tharbad, the story of the sword Aeglin and the dragon Corlagon.
Feredir swears to retake Aeglin and slay the dragon.
Kills werewolf in Thyr Hyarmen. Jack falls further towards darkness.
Agarwaen and the false ranger travels through the Barrow Downs, Agarwaen cursed by a wight.
The fellowship takes a shortcut, warns the rangers and set up a trap in Annúminas.
The battle of Annúminas.
The spirit of the lake tells Bragol he soon must choose between a life immortal or his love for Mabs.
Salabon tells his life’s story and Feredir names him brother.
Salabon and Bragol named Rangers.
Jack and Beorabor named Friends of The Rangers.
Baran leaves the fellowship.
The Quest For Aeglin begins.

Feredir and Jack travels to The Shire and reads notes from The Red Book, alienating Frodo doing so.
Bragol, Beoraborn and Salabon travels to Tharbad to research.
The fellowship reunites and travels to Ost-In-Edhil.
Jack falls under a spell and leads the fellowship to the mad dragon Turukulon.
Bragol kills the dragon but is crushed doing so, dying he chooses a mortal life so he can be with Mabs.
Due to Salabons skills, Feredirs herbs and Jacks two mithril coins Bragol is saved, but severely injured.
The fellowship recues Súlkano, elven enchanter.
The fellowship thravels to the derelict Cilien and Healers Hall where Bragol can spend time recovering.
Feredir travels to Riddermark to learn of the killing of Fram.
Jack travels to Minas Brethil to destroy the evil anvil and start his path to redemption.
Beoraborn and Súlkano makes a briliant magical armour for Feredir, a magical coat for Salabon and some magical spears to kill the dragon.
Jayelle and Salabons sister comes south with Jack.
Feredir meets Eadyth and her brother, brings them back to Cilien.
Salabon travels to Bree to bring Mabs.

Feredir travels to Minas Brethil to find Baran, meets the eagles of Misty Mountains.

Feredir infiltrates Minas Brethil finding Baran has traveled south.
Jack goes walkabout.
Beoraborn restores most of Cilien and brew some really good ale.
Salabon, Mabs and her child arrives. Bragol has become a father.
Feredir returns.
Súlkano feels the call of the sea.
Bragol can not complete the quest for Aeglin, his strength has not yet returned, and he has a small child to take care of, Eadyth takes his place in the fellowship.
The fellowship meets Gandalf and travels with him northwards.
Outside Revendell Gandalf bid them farewell and wishes them luck on their quest.
The fellowship travels to Angmar and almost kills the dragon, who escapes. The fellowship is force to follow else the dragon may wake the larger dragons of Angmar.
The dragon Corlagon is slain by the larger dragon Scorba, who has awoken from a magical sleep induced by an artifact guarded by a sleeping ranger.
The fellowship follows Scorba to Zarak-Dûm where they come upon the ranger guarding the artifact.
Jack steals of with the artifact as the fellowship lures the dragon into a trap.
Jack activates the artifact and Scorba and Jack falls into a magical sleep.
The fellowship each takes one coin so when the dragon wakes, it will come for them. At that time they will be ready.

Salabon named true Dúnedain.
Beoraborn named true friend of elves.
Eadyth returns to Riddermak.
Feredir goes ranging in Ered Luin
Salabon, Bragol, Mabs & the kid, Jayelle and Salabons sister travels to Minas Tirith.
Feredir befriends Brólin the dwarf and Idhris of Lindon.
Bragol and company builds Eldacars Breakfast House in the first circle of Minas Tirith and Salabons Emporium in the Fourth Circle.
Mabs reunite with the thieves guild of Minas Tirith.

Start Season 3
Salabon makes contact with agents of the enemy and is called to recruit a young man.
Salabon reunites with Adamar.

Salabon is arrested and Bragol disappears.
Orcs marches towards Eriador.
The Battle of Thorins Halls.
Feredirs fellowship meets King Dwalin.
Feredir is called to Minas Tirith.
Feredir arrested.

The War Of The Ring
Eadyth injured in the war.
Beoraborn named Hero of Pellenor Fields.

Beoraborn travels to Mirkwood.
Feredir and Salabon found in prison.
Feredir named Barhador, son of Tauron.

Eldacar, by authority of King Elessar, start hunting remnants of the agents of The Enemy.
Baran returns to Gondor.

Fourt Age
Feredir disappears.
Beoraborn is bestowed a hamlet by Thranduil as reward for helping cleaning Mirkwood
Mirkwood named Eryn Lasgalen, Wood of Green Leaves, Greenwood.

Eldacar pulls strings in the quest for the Palantïrs.
Eldacar meets Baran.

Season 4

Timeline Rangers of The North

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