Timeline of Rivendell

Second Age

Ca 750 Founding of the Naldo kingdom of Hollin in
Eregion, ruled by Galadriel and Celeborn from the capitol
city of OSI-in-Edhil . Celebrimbor the smith establishes the great forging complex and the Guild of Forgers, Ihe Gwaith-i-Mirdain . They establish trade with the Dwarvn of Khazaddûm.

Ca 1000 Founding of Tharbad by the Numenoreans in cenIral
Eregion. It is a few days travel down the Glanduin from
Ost-in-Edhil (at the binh of the Gwathlo). Celebrimbor forges
the second Elf-Stone Elessor (the first made by Feanor and
lost) and gives it to Galadriel.

1200 Sauron, in a fair disguise and going by the name
of Annalar (“Lord of Gifts”), atempts to win the favor of
the Elves. Gil-Galad in Lindon will not allow him to enter,
mistrusting his intentions. The fallen Maia of Ault fares better
with the Eldar of Eregion, and begins to seduce Celebrimbor
with his guile. Galadriel, however, refuses to have any
dealings …..with him.

1200-1500 Annatar (Sauron) instructs the Mirdain (Elven
Jewel smiths) in new ways of forging (and learns much from

1350-75 Sauron persuades the Smiths of Eregion(who have
great influence in Osl-in-Edhil) to rebel against the rulership
of Galadriel and Celeborn.

1375 After renouncing her rule, Galadriel passes through
Khazad-dûm with many Noldor and accepts guardianship
of the forest east of the Misty Mountains called Ldrinond.
She founds the realm of Lorien. Celeborn remains, refusing
to enter the dwarven city.

c. 1500 The Elven-smiths, at the height of their power,
begin forging the Rings of Power under Sauron’s walchful eye

1580 Sauron returns to Mordor to begin forging the one ring.

1580-90 Celebrimbor creates the Three Rings alone.

1600 Sauron forges the One Ring in Orodruin and com·
pletes his dark design_ The instant the Dark Lord places the
ring on his finger, Celebrimbor, far away in Eregion, realizes
that he has been betrayed. He hides the Three.

1601 Furious that the Elves were not trapped as he had
planned. Sauron demands that they hand over the Rings of
Power; they refuse. Celebrimbor repents and goes to Lorien
to seek advice and forgiveness from GaladrieL He gives her
Nenya, one of the Three. She counsels that the Rings must
not be used while $auron holds the One.

1693 – War between the Elves and Sauron begins. Cclebrimbor
sends the other two of the Three (Narya and Vilya) north
to Gil-galad in Lindon.

1695 Elrood is sent by Gil.galad to aid the? Noldor of

1697 Ost·in·Edhii is assailed. The house of the Mirdain
is sacked and Sauron finds nine rings; Celebrimbor is cap·
tured and tortured into revealing the location of the seven
which were given to the Dwarves. He will not tell where the
three are hidden, and the Dark Lord slays him. Eregion falls.
Elrond retreats to lmladris and founds a refuge there with
many of the surviving Noldor. Moria is shut. Ost·in-Edhil
is abandoned and falls inlo ruin, never to be re-inhabited.

1699 -Sauron gains control of Eriador.

1700 The Dark Lord’s forces are defeated by an army from
Numenor which arrived to aid the Elves in Lindon. Sauron
is driven out of Eregion.

17S0 A Council in Imladris. Gil·Galad gives the mightiest
of the Elven·rings, Vilya, to Elrond.

ca. 2200 – First appearance: of the Nine Ringwraiths (Nazghul).

3319 Downfall of Numenor
3430 The Last Alliance of Elves and Men is formed. GiIgalad
gives the Red Ring to Cirdan.

3441 In the final battle on the slopes of Orodruin, Sauron
is defeated. Gil.galad and Elendil are killed. lsildur cuts the
One Ring from the Dark Lord’s hand, and – against the
counsel of Cirdan and Elrond – keeps it for his own. Elrond
recovers the shards of Narsil and takes them back tolmladris.
The Ringwraiths pass into shadows·. End of the? Second Age.


Now the Elves are free to use their Rings, and they do so
for the

Timeline of Rivendell

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