Thorin's Halls

This dwarven stronghold was founded by Thorin’s father Thráin II in TA 2802 after he and his people moved from Dunland seeking a safe haven.

Thráin II and his father Thror once lived in the Lonely Mountain but it was attacked by the dragon Smaug. Thrain led the company here from dunland, but after the war of the dwarves and orcs he went missing. Thorin built the halls on the foundation of the ancient Dwarf city of Nogrod, which was destroyed in the first age.

Thorin ruled as king, after the war of the dwarves and orcs, and the disappearance of his father, he lived peacefully with his folk, but it was still in his and their hearts to recapture the Lonely Mountain. Finally the day came and Thorin, along with a few trustet followers, set out from Ered Luin on their quest to reclmaim the Halls of Erebor.

Once Erebor was reclaimed and reopened, many a dwarf set out to seek their fortune their, but the old kingdom in exile in Ered Luin was not abandoned and stil stands.

It is located not far from The Little Lhûn, a little ways north of the tributary.

Thorin's Halls

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