The hunt for Corlagon

The hunt for Corlagon

Each man did swear an oath;
to hunt and slay the winged beast named

“We shall all hold true, to slay the winged fiend
and reclaim, for the honor of the Ranger folk,
the sword that is known as Aeglin.”

Spears they did draw from the cold forge,
bows they strung and arrows did they tip,
and then they sat forth.

Their journey carried them north,
to mountain passes and beyond.

They arrived with their mail shirts, glittering,
silver-shining links, and clanking an iron song
as they came.

Battle-hardened with shields and weapons in hand, ready for war
they came. Their armor rang. Their Mithril spears, silver-tipped and straight,
did gleam.

In that perilous borderland, they found the
beast and its lair, in olden times a dwarven
hold. Now held by death and death alone.

Then from up on high, by misty mountain tops, with
Morgoth’s wrath laden, Corlagon came.
That winged fiend that haunted the mountians,
that made his home in hell.
Not hell itself, but hell on earth.

With taunts and threats the dragon launched.
But no man faltered, each stood tall and ready.

Their spears did jab and stab, fiding their mark and
drawing blood.

Then the fiend call darkness down and all were blind,
the wyrm lashed out with wing, tail and claw, but
still they fougth and none did run.

Then Aegelin was drawn and blue light shone and
he who wielded it did call out; “For Gondolin! Attack
now my comrades at arms!” And led the charge.

Now with new light they could see
and soon the floor was drenched with blood,
all wet from the fiend.

With renewed vigo they launched another savage
assault. The dragon turned, its eyes on the open sky
and wanting to be from painful spears and this deadly

So the beast tid move, it fleeing, they gave chase and did
bind teh fiend with chains.

Their prowess drove it from the cliff and still bound it could not fly,
the great chain did slam the wyrm into jagged rocks.
With sneers and anger it broke free, the winged form fell into darkness.

No body did they find, only a blood trail.
“We must now give chase, to find and slay
that wounded beast!”, the horse lord spoke.
And so they did.

Into Angmar, that bleak and blasted land, they did follow
the acid blood. And in the night they saw, across the vast field,
camp fires burning. Knowning this must be orcs, they did not alter course.

In the night they orcs did come and arrows rained. Hit they were, but did
not sway. The skin-changer led the counter-charge, in form of a giant bear
he tore the orcs apart.

The healer saw to their wounds, “None of you shall perish, it will take more to test my skill”,
and he stitched bandaged and did so sooth both pain and worry.

But soon more enemies they did see. “Let them give chase and when morning light has broken, we shall pay them back in turn” And so they did and in the light of day they crept up on the orc

“I will sneak in and clear the way” he who wields Aegelin said.
“Let me join and take the guard”» the hafling said. And so they did.

Found within the camp the guard asleep and fearless of sorrow, of orc hardship.
With dagger drawn, quoth the hafling «Never more!»

Then at the midday, as the day was at its high,
the might of good men to orcs was known;
none another night saw.

Now their pursuit could once again resume.

On their hunt went, following the acid trail left by the wounded beast.
Till they last came upon the spot where Corlagon finally did fall.

No longer able to fly away, the wyrm fell from sky and crashed to the ground, the might
of free folk brought it low.

But the fall of the dragon had not gone unnoticed, and the sight they saw gave them no joy.
For another beast had come upon the fallen Corlagon, a great wyrm of terrible might. A true firebreathing beast had descended upon Corlagon, eaten his flesh and left charred bones.

Though this new beast was nowhere to be seen, the heroes knew what must be done. A new quest had been thrust upon the, one they could not ignore.

Now they must turn their eyes to the west and hunt another beast. When will they be granted rest?

The hunt for Corlagon

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