Located in southwestern Arthedain and formerly part of the old Elvish tribal domain of Siragalë, the Shire is a fertile, well-watered province covering some eighteen thousand square miles. In T.A. 1601, King Argeleb II grants the region to Hobbits led by the brothers Blanco and Marcho of the Fallohide tribe. Within thirty years, the majority of all three tribes of Hobbits immigrate to the Shire, where they set up their own semi-autonomous society.

Four separate communities have developed over the first decades of Hobbit settlement in the Shire. A treaty of division — witnessed by the Arthadan Guardian of Siragalë, Prince Minastir, and all concerned parties save the Tarmëar — recognized the informal groupings. The document created four “farthings,” or fourfold-divisions, based on old Arthadan boundaries, on Midyear’s Day in T.A. 1640. The Hobbits pay a yearly tax, called the “Rent,” to the king, but remain otherwise autonomous.

The Eastfarthing
The Northfarthing
The Southfarthing
The Westfarthing

Barrow (hill/junction)
Beeching Cross (village)
Biersin Stream
Bindbale Woods
Bindbale Rolls
Briary (village)
Bridge of Stonebows
Brocken Borings (village)
Bywater (village)
Caring Green (glade)
Cobble Glen (village)
Corréna (village)
Cracking Fells
Far Downs (aka Fox Downs)
Flynettle (village)
Fornhiril (river)
Gamwich (village)
Girdley Island
Green Hills
Greenholm (outpost)
Grimsly Dale (village)
Hills of Scary (hills)
Hobbiton (village)
(Iach Sarn) (ford)
Little Delving (village)
Longbottom (village)
Long Cleeve (village)
Marish (flood plain)
Michel Delving (town)
Mudling Fens (swampland)
Needlehole (village)
Nobottle (village)
Oatbarton (village)
(Old Forest Edge)
Overbourne Marshes
Overhill (village)
Rendings (downlands)
Rendwalk (village)
Rivernayve (village)
Rushy (village)
Sackville (village)
Scary (village)
Stock (village)
Swansong Nape (river port)
Three-farthing Stone
Tookbank (stronghold)
Undermarsh (underdeeps)
Whitescarp Trail
Wibbleham (village)
Willowbottom (village)
Woodhall (village)
Woodland Tour


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