Or the Riddermark, as the rohirrim name it, used to be a part of the kingdom of Gondor. It became the Riddermark in year 2509 in the third age, when it was given as a gift from Cirion the Steward of Gondor. That year a combined army of orcs and easterlings invaded Gondor, and all seemed lost. The Steward called upon his old allies and pleaded for their aid, and they heard the call. Arriving just before the forces of Gondor were crushed, they fell upon the orcs and easterlings in the rear and caught them by surprise. Thus they rooted their enemies and won the day.

Both in recognition for their support and realising the importance of the rohirrim as allies, the Steward offered them the land of Calenardhon and the rohirrim swore an oath of everlasting friendship to Gondor.

The rivers Isen and Adorn form the wesetern boarder. To the south the White Mountains and the Mering Stream in southeast marks the border to Gondor. To the east it is the Mouths of Entwash and to the north the border is the Limlight.

With the shrinking of the kingdom of Gondor over the years, Rohan is now roughly 1/3 of the size of Gondor.

Climate and countryside

The countryside of Rohan is a land of rolling hills, pastures and lush tall grassland. The lands of Rohan are often likened to “seas of grass”. Most of the Rohirrim dwell in small villages or farms, with the capiral Edoras being the only true city.


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