The Prancing Pony is the largest building in Bree village. It boasts three stories and sports two wings that slope back from the road. There are twenty very comfortable rooms to accommodate
men and two to accommodate visiting Hobbits. The Inn is kept meticulously clean. The innkeeper NPC Barliman Butterbur employs several maids, three cooks, and a number of grooms, including the hobbits Bob and Nob.

The Inn of the Prancing Pony was built along the old Great East Road, and was the chief building within the village of Bree, near where the Greenway went north to Fornost.

PonymapThe first floor of the Prancing Pony holds the Common Room. It is spacious and furnished with wooden benches and tables. A huge central fireplace keeps the common room cozy in the Winter. The kitchen, two parlors, two bedrooms for Hobbits, and three bed-rooms for men are also on the first floor. Both upper floors are devoted to guest rooms. The servants sleep in the attic.

The innkeeper is extremely particular as to the quality of the food and beer served in his house.
Quite naturally, no one in Bree-land objects to an inn that serves the finest ale available at reasonable prices. The rooms are reasonable, and the innkeeper allows people to share them and split the fees. Bedrooms arc simply furnished with very comfortable featherbeds. Very impecunious travellers are permitted to sleep on the benches of the common room, so long as they behave them-
selves and don’t disturb the other guests.

A special luxury of the inn is a small bathhouse located in the yard. It can be reserved with the innkeeper for a moderate fee.


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