Pelennor (Sindarin: fenced land)

“…Rammas Echor…For ten leagues or more it ran from the mountains’ feet and so back again, enclosing in its fence the fields of Pelennor: fair and fertile townlands on the long slopes and terraces falling to the deep leves of the Anduin”

The enclosed land of Minas Tirith, known as the Pelennor fields are surrounded by the Noeg Echor (Encircling Dike), a ditch and accompanying bank. This is a sturdy, if basic, defence and one which offer protection to the farms and their fields from inundation and invasion alike.

The ditch is roughly 25 feet wide and 10 feet deep, its steep sides batted with timber baulks to prevent erosion.

The bank on the other hand is 12 feet tall, 25 feet wide at the base and 10 feet at the top. Along its almost sheer wall, which is shored up with sharp stone slabs, and between it and the dike, runs a narrow stone-flagged pathway. On the Pelennor side, the bank slopes more gently and on its top runs a path.

It occupies 96 000 acres, including cultivated land, orchards and fold. The Pelennor fields are more than a simple expance of farmland. The land is rolling, dotted with knolls and hillocks, and is full of farmsteads, barns and byres, oats and garner, all enclosed by low stone walls.

Roads and tracks criss-cross the green fields, linking to the two great arteries which run straight as arrows; the northeast highway between Osgiliath and Minas Tirith, and the north-south route to Harlond, Pelargir and the southern provinces. These roads are well maintain and kept in good order. The major ones are broad and cobbled, indeed wide enough for two carts to pass each other with ease. The stone surface is cambered and provided with drains, thus preventing the roads from becoming boggy and rutted. Flanking one side of the cobbled road a broad strip of turf for riders, on the other a footpath. All roads are straight and level, and strong stone bridges cross the streams of Pelennor.

Streams flow through the vales, providing irrigation for agriculture and cool ponds for the country folk’s enjoyment.


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