Pelargir (Sindarin: Enclosure of royal ships)

The great city of Pelargir is the chief harbour of Gondor, situated above the delta of the mouth of the great riverAnduin.

Built in the SA 2350, it became the principal haven of the faithfull after the fall of NĂºmenor. During the kinstrife it became a stronghold for the usurper Castamir and besieged by Eldecar. In TA 1634 the city was invaded and raided by the Cosairs, though quickly regained by Gondor and repaired.

It is a glorious port, built both on the mainland and on islands in the river forming a triangle, with channels between the three isles. An inner and outer wall protects the city on land, while it is up to the city’s naval forces to protect it on the sea.

From here goods and commerce travel up the river Anduin, to Harlond and finally Minas Tirith.


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