Osgiliath (SIndarin: Citadel of the stars)

The fist capital of Gondor was built on both sides of the great river Anduin, between Minas Tirith and Minas Ithil. In its days of glory it sported quays large enough for sea going vessels and a great stone bridge connecting the two sides and on top of this was the Dome of Stars, home to the Osgiliath Stone, the greatest of the palantiri.

Ruin first came to Osgiliath during the kingstrife, when it was sacked and burnt after a siege by the rebel Castamir. It was then that the Dome of Stars was destroyed and the seeing stone of Osgiliath lost in the river.

The great plague of TA 1636 caused further depopulation, as many of its inhabitants died and many of those who fled refused to return. in TA 1640 the royal court was moved to Minas Tirith.

Osgiliath was finally abandoned by those of the civilian population in TA 2475, when forces of Mordor overran the city and temporarily captured it. From then on it lay in ruins, with the western bank controlled by Gondor and at times of war garrisoned by gondorian military. The Ilithien side however remained disputed territory, with control shifting back and forth.


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