Open and Closed Mentalism Spell Lists

Deductions (Anticipations)

1. Anticipate I – The caster instantaneously calculates all possible aggressive actions undertaken by his primary current mêlèe opponent, arriving at the one most probable to be undertaken. As such, he may double the DB gained from parry if he tries to counter the attack.

2. Anticipate II – As Anticipate I, but the caster becomes aware of his primary foe’s likely defense. If the foe parries, the DB gained from the parry is halved.

3. Venture – When faced with a choice about which he has little or no information (e.g., which corridor leads outside the quickest) the caster may cast this spell and the GM will determine which way he goes, biasing the choice favorably by 25% (e.g., roll 1-100: correct on 26-100, incorrect on 01-25).

4. Prepare – Once this spell is cast, the next time that the caster needs to cast a spell, he will have already subconsciously readied himself to do so. Treat the caster as having prepared that next spell for two more rounds than he actually has (i.e., if he casts it without spell preparation, treat the situation as if he had taken two rounds to prepare the spell).

5. Intuit – Attuning himself to the grander order of things, the caster gains a momentary sense of what will happen in the next minute if he takes a specified action. Note that this is only one possible outcome, and that any series of events can change it.

6. Previse – Caster is aware of any being within the range of the spell that has hostile intentions towards him. The hostility must be directed specifically at the caster or the spell reveals nothing. The being’s hostility must be active (i.e., driving the being to perform aggressive actions), not passive (i.e., hate exists, but no action is planned).

7. Presume – Caster has a second sense for the coming actions of his competitor(s) in any game involving skill (possibly with some significant element of chance, but the game must allow meaningful tactical choices, so games such as chess, go, poker, qualify; simply dicing for the highest number would not), providing a +30 bonus to all maneuvers related
to that game. Duration is one game or playing session. Does not apply to essentially solitaire games or gambling, regardless of degree of skill involved.

8. Presage – His mind clouded by heavy deliberations, the caster can prepare himself before retiring to enter a dream relating to the topic at hand; limited to once per night. The caster must sleep a minimum of one sleep cycle per Presage spell.

9. Deduce – By investigating a scene or a room, limited to the area of effect, the caster can make a surprisingly accurate educated guess at what has occurred her; limited to up to 1 min/level into the past. This presents itself to the caster as brief “glimpses” of the occurences, which are limited by the fact that they are only one possible explanation, albeit the most likely. There is a 25% chance that the deduction is wrong (though, as stated, inexplicably probable).

10. Anticipate III – Predicts most probable action of a being in the next round; specifics are not learned (e.g., attack in melee, cast a spell; but no detail on attack target or what spell). This results in the caster being able to declare his statement of intent for the round after hearing what the target has decided to do. Note that the target is free to change its declared
action with the requisite penalties.

Avoidance (Attack Avoidance)

1. Missile Turn – Nimble as a snake, the caster improbably and narrowly escapes his fate by contorting his body in just the right way, thereby avoiding penetration. Caster adds +20 to his DB versus one missile fired at the caster. The caster must be able to see the attack.

2. Mêlèe Turn – Like a famed blade dancer, the caster fluidly avoids his opponent’s mêlèe attack with all the grace of a leaf in the wind. Caster adds +20 to his DB versus one melee attack on the caster. The caster must be able to see the attack.

3. Shield – The caster lunges forth with whatever item he is currently holding, and it improbably connects with and absorbs a missile or melee attack. It amazingly not only stops the blow, but the item doesn’t even break. It subtracts 25 from melee and missile attacks coming from the front of the caster. This occupies a hand, but does not benefit from the Shield skill, unless it is an actual shield.

4. Turn III – The caster instantaneously positions his body so as to avoid the main part of a magical attack. Caster adds +20 to his DB versus one directed spell attack on the caster. The caster must be able to see the attack.

5. Deflect – Like Shield, but deflects one missile fired at the caster; that missile has 100 subtracted from its attack (missile must be in caster’s field of vision).

6. Bladeturn – As Deflect I, except its effect is against one melee attack.

7. Aegis – As Shield, except it is the caster’s armor that absorbs the attack. The caster abruptly moves in such a way that the attack strikes firmly on his covering, protecting against attacks from all directions, subtracting 25 from any melee and missile attacks.

8. Deflect II – As Deflect I, except missile automatically misses.

9. Shield II – As Shield, but the defensive bonus is 40.

10. Respond – Like a sixth sense, the caster is instantaneously made aware of any attack made against his person, allowing him to get full Quickness-based DB against all attacks, including those of which the caster he should be unaware.


1. Project – The caster speaks holy words causing a beam of light (like a flashlight) springing from an affixed object (like the knob of a staff or the pommel of a dagger); 50’ effective range. If the light is covered, for instance with the palm of one’s hand, it will “turn off”. If it is uncovered before the end of the duration, the light will turn on again.

2. Glow – By uttering holy words passed down from the caster’s deity to its followers, a small, 1” diameter point of light will begin to glow softly. This spell provides enough light for Nightvision to work properly, but not enough light to allow much mobility in the dark.

3. Light – The caster shouts the name of his deity, causing 10’R area about the point touched to be lit.

4. Illume I – Causes a bright aura about the caster, providing a more powerful appearance and subtracting 5 from all attacks on the caster.

5. Flash – [RR Mod: -10] Causes a 10’R sphere of intense light, all within are stunned for 1 round/10 failure.

6. Dim I – Reduces illumination to a dark night in a 10’R area about the point touched.

7. Illume II – As Illume I, except it produces an extremely powerful appearance and subtracts 15 from all attacks.

8. Long Glow – As Glow, except for duration, which is 15min/lvl.

9. Light V – As Light I, except radius is 50’.

10. Beacon – The caster calls upon his deity to send him succor. A ray of light of any color springs from caster’s hand, can be up to 5 miles long.

Fortitude (Damage Resistance)

1. Brace I – The caster’s mystical bond with his deity allows him to resist natural heat up to 75˚C. He also got a +20 DB vs magical heat and cold attacks (i.e Fire balls & bolts).

2. Brace II – The caster’s mystical bond with his deity allows him to resist natural cold down to -20˚C. He also got a +20 DB vs magical cold attacks (i.e Ice balls & bolts).

3. Brace III – The caster’s mystical bond with his deity allows him to resist natural light and light changes, instantly adjusting vision to changing light intensity to never be blinded by glare, sudden light, or sudden darkness. He also receives +20 to all RRs vs. light or electricity spells/attacks and a +20 to DB vs. elemental light/electricity attacks.

4. Fold I – Caster is protected from falls of up to 50’. For falls longer than 50’, subtract 50’ to determine the effective length of the fall. Caster also receives +20 to all RRs vs. spells that do Impact criticals and +20 DB vs elemental attacks doing Impact criticals.

5. Unpain I – Caster is able to sustain an additional 25% of his total concussion hits (round off) before passing out; hits are still taken and remain when the spell lapses.

6. Stun Relief I – Relieves 1 round’s worth of accumulated stun.

7. Resist Poison – Delays the effect of a poison as long as the caster concentrates.

8. Endure I – As Brace I, except for duration, spell is not instantaneous, and bonus against magical attacks is only +10.

9. Endure II – As Brace II, except for duration, spell is not instantaneous, and bonus against magical attacks is only +10.

10. Unpain II – As Unpain I, except 50% additional hits may be sustained.

Motions (Shifting)

1. Balance – Adds +50 to any rolls for one slow maneuver (e.g., walking a 3” beam).

2. Contract – Allows caster to disjoint limbs, contract muscles, etc.; in order to escape manacles and ropes and slip through small places (+50 to +100 to escape maneuvers).

3. Leap – The caster may jump (from any pace) up to 10’ plus 5’ per level of the caster horizontally, or 5’ plus 2’ per level of the caster vertically. This spell will allow the caster to
always land safely from jumps of this distance or less.

4. Land – Allows caster to land safely in a fall up to 20’/level, and to take that distance off the severity of any longer fall.

5. Waterbreathe – Caster can breathe water but not air.

6. Wind Drift – Incredibly, the caster appears to have no weight, and is swept away by the merest gust of wind. He has no power over directions or movements, however. Weight gradually returns at the end of the duration.

7. Underwater Movement – Caster can take action underwater as if on land.

8. Gasbreathe – Caster can breathe any gas as normal air.

9. Long Dive – Caster can safely dive up to 50’/level if water deep enough is present (minimum of 1’ water for every 25’ of dive).

Open and Closed Mentalism Spell Lists

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