North Downs

The North Downs are steep and jagged ridges north of Fornost in Arthedain

The North Downs have a history of constant struggle, for in the time of the War of the Ring, this location experienced deep trouble from orcs and other evil creatures, who were spurred on by the news of the cloud in the East. For Angmar, that most evil of realms in Eriador, was located just north of the North Downs, and many evil beings who were struggling to find a purpose in Angmar after the departure of the Witch-king finally resolved to invade the lands south of them. Thus, the North Downs became a frontier against this new evil arisen in Angmar, a remnant of the old power of the Witch King called the Shadow of Angmar.

There was still hope though, in that harsh war zone, for the Free Peoples of Eriador waged constant war on the new servants of Angmar and the Witch King. Several towns that had existed in that area for years, and that were now besieged by the servants of the Witch King, found themselves suddenly strengthened by a flow of warriors from all across Eriador.

  • Average Peak Elevation: 1,900-2,300 feet.
  • Area: 3,300 square miles

North Downs

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