Ilithien (Moon-Land) is the easternmost province of Gondor, and the only one on the other side of the great river Anduin. It encompasses the area between river and the Ephel Dúath. The stream of Morgulduin divide it into the Norht and South Ithilien.

Of old its chief city was that of Minas Ithilien. But it was captured by the enemy in TA 2002 and renamed Minas Morgul (Tower of Dark Sorcery). Gradually the people of Ithilien migrated across the river to escape the evil that now dwelled in Minas Morgul.

During the Watchfull Peace, Ithilien was repaptured, though raids from the enemy in Minas Morgul never ceased completely. Orcs and the Haradrim continued to launch attacks, and by the TA 2901 these had become so frequent that the remainder of the population of Ithilien fled across the river and Gondor withdrew from the province. It was finally abandoned when the enemy revealed it self.

Gondor still sends scouts into the area, hiding in secret areas such as Henneth Annûn. Now the only good folk here are the Rangers of Ithilien, who harry the enemy when ever they can.


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