Harlond (Sindarin: South-Haven)

Harlond is situated on the northern bank of the Anduin, around three miles south of Minas Tirith. It is a small, fortified suburb of the city and also serves as the site for off-loading point for all traffic coming up the river Anduin.

It is through here most of the commerce from Gondor’s main port, Pelargir, and from the coastal provinces of the South Kingdom flows,

Around five hundred people call Harlond their home, the moajority of them being sailors, merchants, stevedores and laborers, and of course their families.

Harlond concists of four great bays cut into the river bank, separated by quays made of stone, and a fifth harbour that openes farther downstream. each warf has numerous tying-up points, and the haven can accomodate a hundred crafts with ease. All sorts of vessel dock here, from ocean going ships to flat-bottomed barges that ply the river.

Along the warves lies three marketplaces, each surrounded by warehouses, chandlery shops and offices of shipping concerns. As you leave the docks and marketplaces, you find that the homes of the people of Harlond are situated farther from the shore, but all lies within the protection of the wall.

A small garrison, situated at the two main gatehouses that admits entrance to Harlond fron land, are charged with keeping the peace and patrolling town. Its main defence however relies on the naval forces of Pelargir to keep enemy ships at bay. To collect tolls and tarrifs, and in an attempt to keep smuggling a bay, patrol vessels are stationed in the seven sided Ship-house in the middle of the harborage.


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