Goals and Accomplishments

This is a list of the individual goals of the party members, and the shared goals the party as a whole works towards. Accomplishing goals will be rewarded with accomplishment ExP according to the Goals.

Goal Accomplishment ExP Table

The Gamemaster awards Experience points (ExP) based on the accomplishments of character and group goals. There are four types of goals: Major and Minor Party Goals, and Major and Minor Character Goals.

Awarding Goal Accomplisment ExP

Group goals

  • Protect Eriador – ExP (GM must determine a number)
  • Recover the lost Palantír from Bay of Forochel and return it safely to the King – ExP (Gm must enter a number)

Individual goals

Salabon’s goals

Feredir’s Goals

Baran’s Goals

Bragol’s Goals

Jack Fleetfoot’s Goals

Beoraborn’s Goals


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