Feredir's Camp-fire Cook Book

(work in progress)

To many of the Rangers of the North, the home is where the hearth is, and the best hearths are the ones are no more than camp-fires, a circle of river-stones with a hearty flame within. The fire is the friend of the weary and wary traveller. It keeps beasts and Creatures of Darkness away, it warms your bones, it cooks your food, it is integral in mending your gear, and it dries your clothes. It is also a welcome companion on a dark and cold night. Mind how you build it, however; there may be dangers lurking who are not afraid of fire, but there are ways to build smokeless fires.

For the best result when cooking, build two fires, and let one burn down. The heat will be strongest here, and your meal will not be covered in soot or tasting of smoke. It will also cook your food through much better, instead of singeing it on the outside leaving it raw in the middle, like it will be if cooked over flames.

Chetwood Grille
You can grill your food by braiding a grille from the branches from fresh broad-leaves. Braid it double, and you can keep your food within, turning the grille instead of the food.

Mossy Eggs (Eggs Nirmolian)
Wrap eggs in wet moss and place them in the embers or on a warm, flat stone for five to ten minutes.

Lone-Lands Steam-boiled root vegetables
Wrap small root vegetables in wet moss, and lay them on stones between the embers.

Evendim Clay Roast Bird
Remove the intestines but leave it feathered. Fill it with cut apples, prunes, raisins, almonds, pears, or other tasty treats and some butter. Sow shut with string and tie the extremities tight to the body. Cover the bird in one inch of clay, and place in a large mound of ember. Make sure to cover it completely in ember. Leave for one hour, when there are large cracks in the clay. When you crack the clay, the feathers fall off with the clay, and the bird is ready. Meat and fish can also be cooked in this manner.

North Downs Blood Sausage
For freshly felled game. Turn intestines inside out. Wash in snow or water. Fill with blood. Tie shut, and boil. If you put some snow in the blood it does not clot, or you can sieve it through a piece of cloth. For added texture add some oat to the blood.

Feredir's Camp-fire Cook Book

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