Fennas Drúnin

Fennas Drunin is a small port town in the angle where Mitheithel meets Bruinen. This is one of the few places where there is posible to find a ferry across the rivers. From here, there are roads leading to Harnalda, Thuin Boid as well as a overgrown path to the ruins of Minas Brethil

The chief town of the Angle sits on the point where the Bruinen flows into the Mitheithel. In the Second Age, the location was contested by Eriadorian lords and Hillmen until a wall and stone keep were finally built by Numenorean adventurers in S.A. 2910. Fennas Drunin (S. “Angle of the Wild Waters;” prop. Bennas Rhovannin) was the most prosperous town in Rhudaur until the wars
of the sister kingdoms began. The great wooden bridge the Arnorian engineers built over the Mitheithel has long since burned down. The town has changed hands repeatedly over the years, being ruled in turn by Rhudaur, Cardolan. Faerdor. and by independent lords and renegade mercenaries.

It now sits high above the rivers’ normal flood stages on a mound built of the rubble from the many times it has been sacked and sieged.

The siege by King Ervegil Stonearm of Rhudaur in T.A. 1 635, did the town less harm than many and it is now run by a local council and a mercenary guild financed partially by Faerdor and the Canotar of Tharbad, and partially by the rather high tolls on the ferries crossing the rivers.

Thorlavan, High Captain of the Guild of Mercenaries, is a corrupt man who’d sell out to Ervegil in a minute if the Rhudaurian ruler wasn’t both far away and bankrupt. Dallo Point, the leader of the local Stoor Hobbits and owner of the best of the local vineyards, is trying to obtain evidence on Thorlavan and get rid of him before he causes any more trouble.

In later years the town dwindles as the population of trolls swell and orc raids from Misty Mountains increase.

Fennas Drúnin

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