The Men of Eriador are the original mannish inhabitants of the Lands of Eriador before it´s colonization by the Númenóreans.They were closely akin to the Edain of Beleriand, some of them descending from Groups who had never crossed the Ered Luin, others descending from refugees of Beleriand after it´s cataclysm. Most of the Men of Eriador lived in the Area between the North Downs and the Evendim Hills, but others inhabited the Barrow Downs, the Trollshaws and the forests of Minhiriath.
While the northern Eriadorians resembled in language and appearance the tall and dark-haired Beorians and their Númenórean descendants, the Southerners of Eriador were closely akin to the Haladin and the original Gondorians.

Also in the North of Eriador, there were Men who descended from the Easterlings of Bór and Uldor, or related tribes that had not crossed the Ered Luin.These Tribes may or may not be identical with the Forodwaith and their Lossoth-descendants or the population of Angmar.

When the Dúnedain founded the Province of Rhudaur, they had to fight the indigenious populance, the Arvandor, who still revered the Darkness.The Hillmen may have been , at last to some degree, descendants of these tribes.

The exact Origin of the Breelanders is not known, while one source considers them Kinsmen of the Gwathuirim of Enedhwaith who had moved to Arthedain, other sources count them as Kinsmen of the House of Beor (although both may be true, them representing the last remnants of the old people of Arthedain).

The eriadorian commoners are usually seen as descendants of indigenious folk and Dúnedain or lesser Dúnedain, on the other hand there are various tribes of rural Folk.

Eriadorian Cultures include:

  • Angmarrim
  • The Arvandor
  • Beffraen of Enedhwaith
  • Breemen
  • The Daoine or Clansmen of Saralainn
  • Dunmen of Enedhwaith and southern Rhudaur
  • Eglain
  • Eriadorian Commoners (the mixed rural-men of Arnor)
  • Eriadorian Northmen including the Vulseggi and Men of Feotar and Pinnath Ceren
  • Eriadorian Tinkers
  • Forodrim of the North Downs
  • Gwathló Bargemen
  • Haeranedain of Rhudaur
  • Hillmen
  • Lossoth of the southern shores of the Ice Bay
  • Mebden of the Eryn Vorn
  • Men of the Tharbad-Marshes
  • Rangers of the North
  • Rivermen of Númeriador and Baranduin


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