Bree land

Bree-land is an Arthadan crown fief centered around the junction of the Arnorian East and North Roads. It is relatively unfortified, a result of the mystique of Elendil’s Royal Roads and the fixation of the Arthadan Kings on their northeastern border. The inhabitants are mainly of ancient Mebion Bron ( Dunnish) stock, although culturally they are Eriadoran through and through.

The fief contains four villages within its boundaries: Bree, on the western slope of Bree-hill; Staddle, on the other side of the hill; Combe, a few miles to the east; and Archet, a few miles northeast of Bree, The Chetwood, a good-sized but tame forest, is considered part of Bree-land and lies just north of Archet. Each village is small and consists primarily of farmhouses and cottages with a few craft shops.

Bree-land, which survived much of the Third Age in relative peace, was devastated by the Great Invasion of 1409 and rebuilt by the surviving Bree-folk. Through the time of the Petty Wars, the area has sustained its modest level of prosperity and remains an island of relative peace in a increasingly violent world. It lost population in this century due to the massive Hobbit immigration to the Shire and the Great Plague of 1636. Its simple economic system has remained stable, however, and the people still farm their land and hold their market festivals in all seasons of the year.

Bree-land appears to be a lowland with a hill and a small forested area in its northeastern part. The climate is moderate with warm and moist prevailing winds from the sea. The common tongue of Westron seems to be preferred speech here.

Bree-land is about twenty-five miles in diameter. Normally it can be approached via the Great East Road coming out of the Shire in the west and from the Greenway from either the north or the south.

Source: Realms of Arda
Map: LOTRO Wiki


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