Anduin (S. Long River)

The Anduin starts as two different streams near where the Misty Mountains meet the Grey. Named the Langwell and the Greylin by the Eothéod when they lived in the triangle of land formed by it, join together and form the longest river of Middle Earth in the Third age. The Langwell has its source in the Misty Mountains, close to Mount Gundabad, and the Greylin begins its journey in the westernmost heights of the Grey Mountains.

The Anduin flows parallel to the Misty Mountains in a broad vale which form the western part of Rhovanion, lying between the mountains and Mirkwood. This vale is known as the Vale of Anduin. It then passes through Lórien, flows away from the mountains and runs through the Brown Lands. It flows past the Emyn Muil and the Argonath and enters a lake (Nen Hithoel) through the ferocious rapids of Sarn Gebir

From here it flows over the FAllsof Rauros and past the Mouth sof Entwash and the marshes known as the Wetwang (Nindalf). Finally it passes between the White Mountains and the Mountains of Shadow, by Osgiliath and harbor of HarlondIl

FInally it passes Pelargir and flows out into the Great Sea in the Bay of Belfalas in a broad delta known as the Mouths of Anduin.


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