Feredir's herbarium


Feredir carries around a small but spacious and sturdy field kit containing his current herb collection. It includes small jars of pickled herbs or pastes, vials of liquids and purses of powder. He also keeps his Pipe-weed in it.

Current contents:

Pipe-weed (various brands from The Shire)

Arpsusar (6 doses)
Type: Muscle/Cartilage/Tendon Repair.
Medicinal Uses: Heal any muscle

Berteirin (five doses)
Type: Organ Repair/Preservation.
Uses: A powerful preservative for organic matter.

Dagmather (2 doses)
Type: Muscle/Cartilage/Tendon Repair.
Medicinal Uses: Healing all cartilage damage.

Cuildolthor (2 doses)
Type: Life Preservation.
Medicinal Uses: Lifekeeping

Ebur (3 doses)
Type: Muscle/Cartilage/Tendon Repair.
Medicinal Uses: Repair sprained joints.

Eeldrake (5 doses)
Type: Muscle/Cartilage/Tendon Repair.
Medicinal Uses: Heal any muscular injury.

Febfendu (7 doses)
Medicinal Uses: Restore hearing

Firebreath (6 doses – dried)
Type: Circulatory Relief.
Medicinal Uses: Instantly healing 1-10 hits. Food herb.

Goldenmint (9 doses)
Type: Physical Alteration/Enhancement.
Medicinal Uses: Tea capable of relieving (though not actually
healing) all but the worst pain.

Kingsfoot (6 doses)
Type: General Purpose.
Medicinal Uses: Bring long and peaceful sleep.

Kingslock (6 doses)
Medicinal Uses: Can cure any organ damage within 1 minute.

Nelluin (1 dose)
Type: Nerve Repair.
Medicinal Uses: Drinking 1 cup of this tea
heals any nerve damage the consumer has sustained.

Usquelóte (10 doses)
Type: Miscellaneous
Other Uses: Dried and smoked after the manner of pipeweed. Acting as a relaxant, Usquelóte fortifies the smoker’s resistance against mental or magical attacks (+20) for 1 -5 hours; Agility and Quickness stats are reduced by -10.

Queenstaff (5 doses)
Type: Nerve Repair
Medicinal Uses: Heals any brain damage

Sheep’s Plume (5 doses)
Type: Concussion Relief.
Medicinal Uses: T*ea that restores 2-20 concussion hits.

Siriena (9 doses)
Type: Organ Repair/Preservation.
Uses: Powerful preservative

Witchbriar (10 doses)
Type: Concussion Relief.
Medicinal Uses: Witchbriar thorn injects a curative juice into the subject’s flesh, instantly restoring 1-5 hits.


The case was originally a waterproof scroll case belonging to and ancient royal messenger, and is remarkably robust. Its wood is nearly as hard as stone, but surprisingly lightweight, the wood having been carved from enchanted trees in Lindon by Elves under Círdan. Its original bearer is Feredir’s direct ancestor, and although the history is now lost, even to Feredir, the messenger, Barhador, was a cousin of King Arvedui, the last King of Arnor. It was Barhador who went between Arnor and Gondor as a messenger between his uncle King Araphant of the North Kingdom, and King Ondoher of the South Kingdom, and who delivered the messages concerning marriage and union between the two Kingdoms once more, through the marriage of the Crown Prince Arvedui and Fíriel, Ondoher’s daughter, messages carried in the case.

As having been a faithful and loyal servant, the elderly Barhador enjoyed a special status as King’s Messenger even though he had long since retired by the time of the invasion from Angmar. Following Arvedui’s son, Aranath over the River Lhûn into Lindon, he returned with Aranath, and stood beside his cousin’s son as the latter became the first Chieftain of the Dúnedain.

Feredir is unaware of this history, and it is also unknown to him that he is named for Barhador, after the latter’s inscription on the case. Feredir (née Barhador) has always assumed that it is carved for him.

Feredir's herbarium

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