The lost companion to Orcrist and Angrist, the blade of Feredir of Evendim.

weapon (melee)

Burns with a blue light in the presence of evil; contains a spirit dedicated to the destruction of evil; a sword of lightning, it delivers an additional electrical strike (critical) with each normal critical.
MERP /RM: +30 OB.


A sword of Gondolin, the lost mate of Orcrist and Glamdring, this weapon found hidden in a crack in the cavern of Corlagon the Red in the mountains of southern Angmar by Feredir of Evendim. Its scabbard is of blue boarskin, with the bristles intact near the opening. The
blade itself is of ithilnaur with steel pommel and guard. The hilt’s wrapping of rich purple linen and silver wire is decayed and needs to be replaced.


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