NPC Míriel "Milady" De Winter

NPC, dunedain noble, Minas Tirith


Hailing from a once noble lineage of Dunedain, Míriel was born in exile in the Angle, were her ancestors who had not journeyed to Gondor after the fall of Arnor. Here she grew up in a small community of her people. When she entered her teens, she was sent to live with relatives in Gondor.

She returned a young woman, determined to aid her people in any way she could. She would aid the sick and wounded, deliever messages and forage for herbs and such.

Tragedy struck when a band of brigands murdered her family and she barely escaped with her life, fleeing towards Rivendell. Here she was found by an elf from Imladris and he took her into safety.

The two fell in love and married. But their happiness would not last. Míriel was with child, but before their son was born her husband was killed by trolls while on patorl on the borders of Rivendell.

Marked by grief she was determined not to let the foes of her people rest and to dedicate her life to this quest. Realising that her son was gifted, she besieged Thurgolodh to aid her. To take the child in and raise him as an elf and to teach him from a young age the art of deception, intelligence gathering and combat. In short to become a spy and an agent of good in the battle against darkness.

Thurgolodh agreed in the end, and when her son was no more than five years old she left him and travelled to Minas Tirith, convinced that she could best serve her people there now.

Here she married an ageing gondorian noble, and subtly began to influence her new husband to use his wealh and resources to lend aid to the defence of Gondor in an ever increasing way. She urged her husband to push for increased trade and relations between Gondor and the few allies the city of Minas Tirith still had, particularly Dol Amroth.

With the passing from old age of her second husband, her goals have become hampered by the he eldest of her three sons-in-law (from the old mans first marriage), whom prefers to focus all the family’s resources on furthering his own standing. However she has found an ally in the youngest to the brothers, whom declined to serve in the guardians of the citadel in favour of joining the Rangers of Ithilien.

NPC Míriel "Milady" De Winter

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