Jack Fleetfoot

Hobbit Thief and engineerer


Jack Fleetfoot is a hobbit, born of Nothva Raglaw, like many of his kind. At firste glance, he looks like the average hobbit, peace and food loving beings of the Shire. But looks can be decieving, Jack Fleetfoot is no average hobbit. Where his kinsmen’s love the food on they’re table, jack has an uncomparable love (and desire) for shining treasure. Gems, rare metals, basicly anything that sparcles, and it matters not where they are found, or if somebody else already own them. This lust for riches, however, has gotten Jack in serious trouble more than once. Nothing, though, compares to when he unwillingly joined a band of thieves and robbers to pay off a debt. Allthough the work he did at the start was anything but honest, Jack actually liked it. The thrill, the excitement, the tension in the group, and of course, the treasures they would come upon. There was also a certain individual that constantly wanted to outbest Jack, and vica versa, in any competition they could come up with. They’re skill was allways very equal, but jack’s rival would stop at nothing to get a hold of what he wanted, while Jack allways had a limit of cruelty he never crossed.
As time went by, Jack made a name for himself (under an alias) among his accomplices, and his rank increased. But many break-ins and thefts, he gets a secret mission from one of thr true masterminds behind the group of criminals. While being assigned, Jack realizes the dark and terrible scheme behind his sinister masters, and he realize what he’s been a part of. While on the secret mission to retrieve a certain object of great importance, by any means nessecary, Jack decides to run away. He hides the object in a strangers possesion, and flees.
Allthough currently free from the evil services, he is haunted by guilt and fear from his time as an organized criminal. His greatest goal is to find a way to reddem himself and his name.
Apart from being a burglar, Jack is also a skilled engineerer and crafter. He’s been practising his talents for many years, and an idea has formed in his head. He wants to learn about crafting from the differnt races to combine them into a crafting form of his own, the ULTIMATE one. Weapons, armour, jewels, trinkets and other items of utility, Jack wants to learn it all. His code is that NONE of his abilities will EVER be used in the service of evil again.


Jack Fleetfoot

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