Idhrhis Uilos

Haughty Half-Elven envoy to the Rangers of the North


Idhrhis Uilos “Half-Elven”

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Lvl 10
Race: Half-Elf
Profession: Bard
Training Packages:
Realm: Mentalism
Sex: M
Hair Pale Grey Eyes Golden
Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 151
(Date of Birth: 2866)
Height: 6’2" Weight: 180 lbs.
Parents: Deren and Alfirin
Nationality: Lindan
Allegiance: The Grey Havens
Home Town: Mithlond
Deity: Manwë

Mêlèe OB
Missile OB
Mov M


Idhrhis Half-Elven can be perceived as both brooding and arrogant, which is due to his dual nature as a Half-elf. He strives to match his Elven brethren, often feeling inadequate, and at the same time strives to outdo his mannish peers, as he sees himself as better than they are. He truthfully more between the two races than part of either.

Idhrhis can display great mirth with trusted friends, but is reluctant to grow close to anyone, and has difficulty in fitting in, especially with mortals. He is learning, though; he has been running with a young Dúnadan Ranger named Feredir, with whom he has been forced to accept a sort of friendship.

Talents & Flaws

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Idhrhis is the son of the Deren Uilos, a Dúnadan Ranger, and Alfirin, an Elf of the Grey Havens. Alfirin is a confidante of Cirdan, and Deren was a respected Ranger captain, who acted as a form of ambassador to Cirdan’s court before his death in T.A. 2960. As the son of their union, Idhrhis, was raised in the Grey Havens, but later trained with the Rangers of the North, before returning to duties in Mithlond, enjoying credence with both camps.

T.A. 3013:
Círdan, growing uneasy with the rising threat of Orcs and shadows from the East, decides to send Idhrhis as an unofficial emissary to the Dúnedain Rangers, to fight alongside them, and be Círdan’s eyes and ears. He is not a spy, and his position is understood among the Rangers. At the same time, Círdan is remaining entirely neutral, not taking part in the rising conflict. Thus, Idhrhis is member of both camps – and yet part of none. This leads to his having spells of melancholy and loneliness that cannot be cured, and bouts of great mirth and much merriment.

He is attached to the noted Ranger Feredir, with whom he forms a strong bond, and together with their companions Pyke, a Bree-lander, and Brolin of the Iron Hills, a Dwarf, he protects the borders of Númeriador and Emyn Uial from incursions from the North.

He and Feredir has much in common, and he likes the company of the stoic Ranger. He has a more uneasy relationship with Brolin, and mistrusts Pyke on account of the latter’s bond with his hounds.

He is very pale, with grey hair and light golden eyes, a heritage reflected in his family name, Uilos, which is a small white everlasting flower. Idhrhis is an unparalleled archer and a spellsinger of noted prowess.

Idhrhis Uilos

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