NPC Eliard Blackwater

Sheriff of Bree


Lvl. 8 Eriadorian (Mixed Man) Fighter


Eliard Blackwater is the third generation of Sheriff of Bree of his family. An honest, lawful man, he struggles in the shadow of his father, the infamous Theo Blackwater, who gained fame and reputation in driving the bandits out of the Chetwood. Theo was strong, wilfull and unyielding, whereas Eliard is of a different disposition, being gentler and more insecure. He has the respect of the people, more or less from his name, and from their fondness of him, and not so much in authority. He has been powerless in preventing yet another insurgence of bandits in the Chetwood, which has left him somewhar dismayed. He is also under pressure from the Rangers, especially Agarwaen, the new protector of Bree-land, to clear up the brigandry in the area.

Eliard is favourably disposed towards Feredir and his companions, especially Bragol, being somewhat awe-struck by his being Elven. Unbeknownst to most Breelanders, Eliard has eagerly agreed to be part of the conspiracy of the group’s infiltrating Cormac the Northman‘s gang. He is also very much indebted to the group for having driven out the evil presence in Midgewater Marshes, and is eager to let people know who is responsible. This has led to some confusion about whether a gang of Rangers or a cadre of the brigands – who already enjoy some grudging admiration among the townsfolk – was actually responsible. Given the locals’ distrust of the shadowy, grim men from the North, most are inclined to disregard Eliard’s insisting, which doesn’t necessarily help his quest for authority.

If Eliard will remain a priceless ally, or a liability to the group’s endeavours, remains to be seen.

NPC Eliard Blackwater

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