NPC Effie Thistlebottom

Voluminous and bouyant (presumably both in temperament and in the aquatic elements) farmer's daughter


Lvl 1 Eriadorian farmer’s daughter (Civilian)


Effie Thistlebottom is a farmer’s daughter in Bree, daughter of Jasper and Ethelind Thistlebottim.

Built like a barrow-mound (or, more accurately, four barrow-mounds) Effie’s unquavering good spirits has scared the spirit out of many a man. Her latest quarry is the wandering healer SalabonDr. Nestaron Mistion, who only managed to escape her advances by her suffering from a nasty asthma attack. After his saving her life, she has now perished the thouhgt of any other man for her than her hero and saviour.

It is now common knowledge around Bree that Effie is swooning over the healer, who depending on rumour is either connected to the brigands in the Chetwood, or the Rangers of the North.

Having seen the advances there daughter has made and having seen the respect the healer has gained with the local community by helping both people and animals, Mr. and Mrs. Thistlebottim finally decided to propose marriage between there daughter and the healer. Nestaron avoided the subject at least for a little while by explaining to them that he would have to get approval to start courting there daughter from he’s family patron, witch was true.

NPC Effie Thistlebottom

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