Spearmaiden of Rohan.


Flaiming red hair, intense eyes.


Hailing from old and once influential family of Riddermark, Edyth is the middle child of three. Her family has been beset by misfortune of years, first her parents were killed by Dunlendings. Her uncle tooker her and her brothers in, untill her older brother would be of age. Her older brother is a formidable fighter and commanded much respect for this fact, but has a temper. And that would be his downfall. During an altercation with a son from a more important family swords were drawn and in his anger he slew the man. For this he was banished and the family lost their honor. Hard times followed. That her younger brother lacks the courage and determination to regain the familys honor, which caused further loss of standing and incurred more ridicule.

This and the fact that she as a woman bars her from becoming a warrior snd thus reclaiming the lost honor, angers her. Instead she and her younger brother had to work once more in her uncles household. Her uncles chief of guards was inspired by the young girls determination and willpower, and would train her in the ways of combat when she was supposed to work in the stables. This was of course withouth the knowledge or consent of her uncle. When she came back to the household, the training continued. For years she longed for an opportunity to prove herself and reclaim her family’s honor and standing. Then one day a ranger came to Edoras on a Quest to slay a dragon, could this be the chance she has been waiting for?


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