NPC Cormac the Northman

Bandit Chief of Chatwood


Northman Fighter Lvl. 7



CormacCormac the Northman is the undisputed chief of the bandits of Chetwood. He is dishonest without being either ruthless or cruel. Banditry is his profession, and Cormac has transformed it into a fine art. The
Northman has organized his band on three precepts: murder,senseless violence, and rampant looting are bad for business. Afterall, if one murders the wealthy merchant one has just robbed, it
makes it impossible for the victim to travel that way again.

Besides, Cormac is easygoing and prefers to avoid violence. Cormac is 6’4" and can be remarkably persuasive. He prefers thedirect approach and will greet travellers with the timeworn phrase: “Your money or your life.” This has never failed to bring results,since Cormac always has between 10-25 archers nearby as tools of persuasion. Victims are stripped of most of their cash, but not all,and then permitted to go on their way unmolested. Cormac fancies himself a gallant and does not permit his band to search ladies, though he will take their jewel box. His bandits will never attack a well-armed party or a group of obviously poor travellers.

Cormac has never killed a traveller in all of his banditry. He deals ruthlessly with other especially violent bandits who invade his territory. Cormac has no desire for the guard and the Rangers of Arthedain to begin combing the region; murders along the road would make this intervention very likely.

NPC Cormac the Northman

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