NPC Bregol

Thegn of Occum


Bregol was the Thegn of Occum and nephew of Ruinir, lord of Uivíril, around T.A. 1640. He was popular and efficient, bringing about substantial public works.

Refusing to accept the dwindling of Occum, Bregol has subsisted for almost fourteen hundred years on sheer willpower. His mind is quite gone, but his body has not given in, and his tainted soul is still in place. With a gang of bailiffs Bregol accosts and imprisons unweary travellers making the mistake of not keeping their business to Occum’s Folly inn and venturing into Occam proper. Here, they are brought up on charges they have no relation with, and sentenced according to the Thegn’s judgement.

Exactly what has kept the Thegn and his cronies alive for so long, and what drives them, is not known, but they are not exactly undead, nor exactly human anymore…

NPC Bregol

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