Numeriador, PC, Rouge


A stout, young dwarf, hardened by years on the road, Brólin stants 4feet9 tall. He is lean and nimble, weighing in at 140 pounds.

Brólin is good natured dwarf, with a friendly smile and ready with a helping hand. His love for adventure is still there, but both in and his friendly demeanor has suffered a few dents during his years in the wild. As all dwarves he hates both orc and troll.


Born in the Iron Hills in the year 2969, Brólin grew up enthralled by the stories of the great deeds of the dwarves of Erebor, as well as the stories about his uncle Bair

These stories stirred a longing to live a life of adventure himself, and at the young age (for a dwarf) of 40 set out two follow in his uncles footsteps. On the 25 Lothron in the year 3010 Brólin sets forth on his long journey

Finally arraiving in the village of Culwic with a fellow traveller, one Pike. He finds his uncle in poor health and sets out with a small band of rogues to find a way to save him. A great quest begins.

Now it is spring in the year of 3017 and Brólin is once again travelling with his good friend Pike and his new travelling companions Huntsman, the and Idhrhis Uilos, searching for a roving band of orcs.


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