NPC Beoraborn's Lynx


Level: 3
#/Enc: 2-10
Size/Crit: M
Speed: VF/VF
Hits: 70
Armor Type: No/3
Def. Bonus: 55
Attack 1: 45 MCl
Attack 2: 30 MBi
Attack 3: —


Size: 3-4.5 ft.
Lynxes are hunting cats that live in the less extreme foothills and mountains throughout Endor. Although smaller than the snow leopard of the mountains, they are still effective hunters and fishers. Unlike most hunting cats of this size, which are usually loners, the lynx lives in prides of 5 to 8 cats.

These cats have an intricate social structure and hunt as a group like lions. Groups of lynxes bring down large game using similar tactics to those employed by wolves. If taken young, these cats make loyal, protective pets.

While these mountain cats are mere beasts, with no care for the wars of Men and Orcs, they can still be extremely dangerous. They are able to move about nearly unseen, silently creeping towards their prey, springing upon the unwary with vicious precision.

NPC Beoraborn's Lynx

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