NPC Treadstone

Ranger in Arthedain, based out of Bree-land


Agarwaen is 6’2", lean, with dark hair and dark eyes. He seems to wear some sort of perpetual scowl, and Feredir has commented more than once that he looks like he just ate a bad lemon.

His Númenórean ancestry cannot be questioned, as he has the Presence of Kings. He is prone to intimidation and strong-arming techniques.

The folks of Bree-land know him as Treadstone.


Agarwaen is a Ranger patrolling south of Bree-land. He is the successor of NPC Helvorn, and is charged with co-ordinating Ranger activity in all of Bree-land.

He is arrogant, self-confident, rash and disrespectful, with enough charisma and prescence to back it up. He gets results, often by intimidation.

According to Feredir he is an indifferent outdoorsman at best.

NPC Treadstone

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