NPC Adamar the Easterling

Procurer of Rare Artifacts / Agent of Saruman


Updated: 26.03. 2018

Lvl 11
Race: Easterling
Profession: Dabbler
Training Packages:
Realm: Essence
Appearance: 73 Sex: M
Hair Grey Eyes Grey
Age: 59 (Date of Birth: 2975)
Height: 5’11" Weight: 170 lbs.
Nationality: Wainrider
Allegiance: The White Hand
Home Town: Isengard
Patron/Lord: Saruman
Deity: Mandos
Parents: Unknown
Spouse: Erdene
Children: Radna and Rinchin

Mêlèe OB
Missile OB
Mov M


Adamar the Easterling is a procurer of rare artifacts, objects and treasures – he asks few questions but high fees, and he is worth it. Though originally a free agent, Adamar has recently been recruited into the ranks of the White Hand, his services being of some value to its leader, Saruman.

Born Unegen, Adamar hails from the Sea of Rhûn where he lived and trained as warrior for the Burkgin Clan. He married at 15, and by 21 had two small children, Radna and Rinchin. When he displayed magical abilities, Unegen was sent away from his family, under pretence of studying shamanism. In reality, he was to be educated as a magic-user for the coming War. The Enemy sent Unegen and several others to Umbar to be trained by the Black Númenòreans. The trek was long, and Unegen spent most of it learning what makes the fallen Dúnadan tick, developing quite the knack for manipulation. Before reaching Umbar, the caravan was ambushed by unaligned raiders. Adamar managed to spring free, and walked about southern Gondor a while in the guise of Adamar the Easterling, a wandering sage. By using his sharp intellect and penchant for creating situations he could later resolve, Adamar thus managed to slip into some of the most prized libraries in Southern Gondor, and more or less taught himself the use of magic – - or at least enough to allow him to form the lucrative trade of Artifact Procurer. His speciality is researching the location of lost artifacts, and then gaining access to the tombs and ruins of their location without setting off traps or disturbing wraiths, re-emerging unscathed with the precious treasure. Selling such artifacts is almost impossible, so Adamar instead takes on clients who actually know what they want.

Completing a successful mission for the wizard Saruman, Adamar has been… persuaded to join his ranks as one of his prized agents. The Easterling’s ability to set in motion events and manipulate others has become so great as to be nearly invaluable. Trudging around the Gap of Isen recruiting new agents, Adamar resents himself for his own value, and longs for the dark, dank catacombs with the potential for treasure on the other side of the traps…

NPC Adamar the Easterling

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