Rangers of the North

S03E08 - Halls of Stone

Wherein our heroes visit the fabled Thorin's Halls to call the Dwarven host to arms

Well ahead of the Horde, the Companions arrive at Thorin’s Halls. They marvel at the grandeur of this living Dwarven citadel, where before they have only experienced long-dead such wonders.

They declare their intentions, and are soon brought before the Lord of Thorin’s Halls, Dwalin himself, of which Feredir has read in Bilbo’s memoirs.

They waste no time in delivering their dark tidings, and Dwalin, that wise and noble creature, instantly believes them. He sends Feredir and Idhrhis to scout the Horde’s progress, while Brolin, Beoraborn and Svendir join him in preparing his forces for campaign.

The following day the two scouts return with the news that the Horde is moving south, as Dwalin had suspected. Two mere days’ march will bring Dwalin’s host to a glen where they can meet the Horde with every advantage their own. However, he can also select, as many would, to close his gates and let others fend for themselves, such as he himself has experienced done to his people. But his noble heart forbids him so, and therefore it is a easy decision to order his troops to move out.

The Dwarves of Thorin’s Halls are going to war.


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